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Welcome PlayStation Players to the World of Sky!


thatgamecompany began over 15 years ago creating games in partnership with PlayStation, experimenting and growing as we released fl0w, Flower, and of course Journey. Today we mark a return to our roots with the official launch of Sky: Children of the Light on PlayStation!

Those early years pushed us to develop a game that would bring people together, from all backgrounds, to connect and share meaningful moments with each other. Those efforts became what you and millions of people around the world now know as Sky: Children of the Light, and we’re excited to be able to now welcome PlayStation players into the game.

Sky is a place to discover, explore, relish the beauty of the present, and above all take in meaningful moments with the people you meet in the world around you. It’s a place where everyone is welcome—and this week especially we’re thrilled to welcome new players right as the Season of AURORA concert is about to make its debut on December 8th!

The Coliseum in Valley of Triumph is being transformed into the world’s largest concert venue, with new features allowing over 4000 people to be together on one screen. Bring friends or guide new ones to take part in this voyage into the heart of Sky, as music connects not just thousands, but millions of players across the globe.

Activities added to the area mean that there’s plenty for both new and experienced players to enjoy together. And after sharing the concert with new friends, the rest of Sky from deep caves to lofty clouds wait to be explored hand in hand with the people you meet.

Like all other gameplay and story in Sky, the Season of AURORA concert is free and open to everyone. No minimum progress or ticket is needed! For more details about the concert, see www.thatskyconcert.com or our earlier blog post.

To commemorate this new launch, a specially themed Journey Pack will be offered for purchase for those joining us on PlayStation. Exclusively on PlayStation, this bundle comes with a cape, hood, and mask, each adorned with carefully re-created designs that may be familiar if you’ve seen the wayfarers who traversed desert sands. The mask also includes a nostalgic feature: wearing it grants your Sky Child a Journey-inspired voice when you call!

The Journey Pack is $24.99 and can be purchased through the in-game store while playing Sky on a PlayStation. It can also be gifted to others by players with a PlayStation console and account.

As a reminder to current Sky players who wish to play their existing account on a PlayStation, you must first link your Sky ID to a PlayStation Network account while on a mobile device before opening Sky on a PlayStation (even if you usually play on Switch). For more information, be sure to check out the PlayStation section on our FAQ page.

So to our new players over these next weeks and months: Explore, take the world in at your own place, and discover what awaits when you take the hand of a fellow traveler. Welcome to the world of Sky!

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