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The Curtains Rise for Season of Performance


The stage is set and the lights are growing bright. On April 11th Pacific time the Season of Performance begins, and with it, the curtains rise on the next scene in Sky’s story! Join a young group of Spirits determined to share their inspiration with the world, and take on a role of your own as they learn together how to create something greater than one person could achieve on their own.

In a new area near the Dreams Village, nestled in the Valley of Triumph, four new Spirits prepare to bring their story to life. As you meet them and relive their memories to learn their expressions, each offers the opportunity to unlock a series of masks, outfits, music sheets, and hairstyles to help players get into the character of the Season.

Meanwhile, two new Friendship Expressions will appear in players’ Friendship Tree with the 0.17.0 update. These are unlockable with regular Candles, and two Performance Spirits will offer a chance to upgrade these Expressions to Level 2 for those with an Adventure Pass.

While the Performance Spirits are busy rehearsing for their debut, the Performance Guide will offer five seasonal quests over the course of the Season. Complete each one to support the cast and crew as they hone their parts—and to also discover for yourself how to operate the stage controls. Lights, scenery, sound effects, and more: Whether you prefer to be backstage or center stage, these may just inspire you to create and share new performances of your own!

New Features Premiering with Season of Performance

Players gain the use of a theater for their own performances, but other new features can be experienced beyond the stage as well. Sky musicians may find a new effect that resonates with them, with a Season of Performance instrument that showcases an oft-requested effect: sustained notes! Don’t be shy to try it out—Sky children often pause to listen to the songs their fellow travelers play.

We’re also excited to introduce Shared Memories! These are spells that allow players to capture moments of gameplay, then leave them as a form of recorded message for other players to see. There’s much more to say about this feature than we can fit here, though—be sure to see our next blog post that announces it in more detail!

A Season for Everyone

Seasonal content can be enjoyed by all players. Players with an Adventure Pass ($9.99, all prices USD) will also have the opportunity to unlock all items from the Performance Spirits’ Friendship Trees as well as three Ultimate Gifts. The three-pack Adventure Pack bundle will also be available for $19.99 and comes with two gift passes to give to friends within the game.

Passes become available for purchase when the Season begins on April 11, and all players with a Pass (whether purchased or gifted) receive 30 bonus Season Candles.

Looking Ahead

Though it’s almost show time for Season of Performance, we're still hard at work on what’s coming next this year. As you may have heard in our Developer Update at the end of last year, we’re building towards a special collaboration for players. Be sure to join us at the end of the year as we present this collaboration in the final Season of 2022 in celebration of the Sky community.

These are still in development, so names and other details are still subject to change before they’re released to the game, but we can’t wait to share these with Sky players once they’re ready!

A World Brought to Life Onstage

From small beginnings, great moments can be born. Grand and flashy, or simple and heartfelt—there’s room for everyone in Sky to share when they’re inspired. We’ve been amazed to see our players’ creativity in these first years of Sky, and now we’re excited to see how everyone will use these new ways to connect and express themselves in ways that mean the most to them. We’ll see you in the skies–and at rehearsals!

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