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System Update: Traveling Spirits



Some of you may have noticed that we’ve recently added props to Traveling Spirits on our beta servers. We want to take a moment to talk about that, as well discuss our plans for Shared Spaces, and where we’re at with Traveling Spirits as we approach Sky’s 2nd anniversary.

We mentioned in our Shared Spaces Developer Update video that what we initially rolled out during Season of Assembly was just the first part of a much larger plan for the Shared Spaces system. We intend to create additional Shared Spaces locations in different realms in the coming months and years, as well as introduce exciting new props that allow players to further customize their spaces and express themselves with friends.

You all have been kind enough to take the time to share great feedback - what you like about the system, what doesn’t quite hit the mark, which props feel fun and impactful, which do not live up to the price point, et cetera. We’re taking that feedback and building it into our future plans. We’re also looking for fun ways to solicit prop ideas from the community, which we’ll discuss more in the future. All we’ll say for now is be sure you’re writing down your favorite prop ideas!

We are currently planning for props to appear during events, and alongside the Traveling Spirits that show up in the Home space every couple of weeks. We understand that changes to Traveling Spirits are, understandably, a big deal to the community, so we want to take a moment to talk through them.

In the last two years we’ve been fortunate to add a massive number of players to our sprawling global community. Some are brand new and just joined us with the Nintendo Switch launch - welcome! Others have been with us for longer, joining during Apple or Android launches, or during one of our many events or seasons. Traveling Spirits mean different things for different parts of the player population.

Our goal is to introduce a steady stream of new shared spaces items over time, so expanding the traveling spirit tree felt like a natural way for us to drop a new item into Sky every two weeks. This way we can match the item with the character of the spirit, giving a nice narrative touch to the flow of new content. This will not be the only source of new items, but we hope it will be one you can come to rely on and look forward to.

If you’re a player who joined recently, or has been around for a while but missed prior seasons, Traveling Spirits often serve as the only means to add specific cosmetic items, props, or upgraded emotes to your collection. However, if you’re a player who has been around longer, Traveling Spirits are often not that exciting as you’ve likely already unlocked everything that spirit has to offer. We regularly hear from players in this population who go months before encountering a Traveling Spirit that has something they’re looking for.

We’re hopeful that adding props to Traveling Spirits will make them a more exciting prospect for that portion of the population, in addition to players who still have things to collect from Traveling Spirits, but are also in the market for new props to use while out in the world, or as a means to spruce up their Shared Space. When pricing these props, we’re being mindful that Traveling Spirits already represent a substantial candle investment for many.

We hope this behind the scenes look is helpful. Props on Traveling Spirits is something we’re testing on beta for now, and we very much want your feedback on. Let us know in our official Discord server, or on any of our official social media channels what you think.

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