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System Update: Seasonal Spirits


Since Sky launched in 2019, we’ve celebrated nine unique seasons, and welcomed a whopping fifty seasonal spirits to the realms! These spirits have each brought unique stories and opportunities for self-expression that have enriched the world in ways we see everyday through our players.

We’re always evaluating how it feels to play Sky from the perspective of different groups of players in order to build a more inclusive, accessible, and social experience that invites players to share their light with others. Welcoming millions of new players over the last two years has given us a lot to consider when it comes to our new player experience. Those observations have led to improvements to the Isle of Dawn, as well as another major change that we’re excited to roll out.

Players on our beta servers will soon notice that spirits from past seasons will permanently exist in the world, assuming they’ve completed all of the realms. Whether brand new, or a more experienced player who happened to miss a season, all beta players will be able to discover these spirits, experience their stories, and unlock the first tier of their unique emote. It’s important to note that players will not be able to obtain additional emote ranks, or spirit gifts without the aid of Traveling Spirits.

We feel strongly that self-expression is a core pillar of the Sky experience. Being able to approach other players and laugh, grumble, boogie, tsk, bow, or perform any other number of emotes is part of what makes Sky, Sky. The more we’ve considered this and listened to concerns from players who have missed prior seasons, the more it makes sense to us to take steps to allow all players to have full access to the first level of all of the various emotes.

Seasonal spirits are also one of the main methods we have for delivering world stories, and in our current setup, those stories sadly disappear once a season ends. We know players want access to more of Sky’s story and making seasonal spirits permanently available feels like a step in that direction.

We understand that players who have been with us from the beginning and unlocked all of the seasonal spirits may have some misgivings about this change, but we encourage you to consider it from the perspective of other players. Permanent seasonal spirits will lead to a greater range of expressions for other players and more players exploring the realms - something we believe will be a positive for everyone.

Players can expect to see this change on the beta servers in the next few days. We’re excited to receive and look over feedback, and decide if this is a good direction to take. If you have questions or thoughts on permanent seasonal spirits, please stop by any of our official social media hubs and share them.

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