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Sky’s 3rd Birthday—You’re Invited!


4 Sky kids standing amid party decorations

It’s almost birthday time! We’re getting ready for Sky’s 3rd anniversary, and that means party planning. We have two weeks with all kinds of events lined up, and it all starts on Monday July 18th (all times PDT, UTC-7). With so much inside and outside the game, there’s bound to be something for everyone to enjoy!

In fact, we’ve been so busy getting it all ready that we haven’t been able to write proper invitations for you. So, we asked some of the creatures in Sky to pitch in for us. Even if Dark Crabs, Light Mantas, and Dark Dragons can’t use the teamwork emote expression, they still get the spirit!

3rd Anniversary Event in Sky

A Dark Crab wearing a festive hat getting ready for a party

Hello Sky Children:

We have news for you that is very exciting. But, we know a lot of you like to shout when you get excited, so please try to stay calm when we tell you. It gets very hard to stay on our feet when you do that, and then we won’t be able to play with you.

What: A party in Sky!

When: 00:00 Monday July 18 until 23:59 Sunday July 31st

Who: Everybody! The gates will be open for everyone to come in!

Where: With us in the—uh, we mean it’s in that Secret Area [Editor’s Note: The Secret Area accessible from the Vault of Knowledge].

We saw the developers get so many things ready and they told us to keep it a secret, so please don’t tell them that we told you. First, they’ve practiced really hard to make some shows for you. They built a new stage, and they’ll all take turns to perform something!

We also heard that some Event Spirits will bring different things for you to unlock from their Friendship Trees:

  • Light fence: 20 Candles

  • Balloon prop: 30 Candles

  • 3rd birthday hat: 3 Hearts

  • Happy Birthday Music Sheet: 10 Hearts

  • Confetti launcher prop: 20 Hearts

  • Birthday flag (returning item from last year): 20 Candles

There’s going to be birthday cake too! Actually it’s birthday cake spells in different sizes. We hope you’ll share some with us, because the Spirit who has them at the cart in the Secret Area won’t give us any.

We hope you can come! Just please don’t shout at us, so that we can follow you around when you get here.

3rd Anniversary Livestream

A large Light Manta flying in Daylight Prairie

Hello Dear Sky Children!

We are so excited to invite you to view a special 3rd Anniversary livestream!

What: A livestream for all to watch!

When: Thursday July 28, from 12:00 noon until around 4:00pm (from Isle of Dawn through Eye of Eden!)

Who: TGC Developers, and community friends they meet along the way

Where:Twitch and YouTube” (We don’t quite know what these words mean, but we hope you do.)

We won’t spoil the surprise, dear Children, but we have seen them practicing their best Dark Dragon dodging skills, and overheard them talking about which of the Trials to take on (we recommended Trial of Air). It’s hard for us to not carry them away in our enthusiasm as we watch them pass through Daylight Prairie, but we will commit to doing our very best during the stream. We hope you’ll join for the occasion!

Celebrating in the Community

A Dark Dragon wearing a party hat poised to pounce in Golden Wasteland

To All Bearers of Winged Light:

We are here to mark a momentous occasion. After three years we have at last been granted the honors we deserve: fabric replicas made in our likeness! Or as the editor calls them, plushies. These will be available from thatskyshop starting July 15th. We accept this overdue veneration with deep satisfaction.

While we believe this is the only news worthy of announcing, the editor requires us to tell of other matters. We acquiesced in exchange for an undisclosed number of Winged Light.

  • In-Person Sky Assemblies Kick-Off in the U.S.

    Sky Children are gathering in Long Beach, CA on Thursday July 21st! We eagerly look forward to meeting those who attend! Especially for the chance for them to share their Winged Light with us in Golden Wasteland! The humans of thatgamecompany request that you check their social media channels for more specific information as the date of this event approaches.

  • Sky Assemblies in South Korea

    There will be a gathering of Children of the Light at a Sky Assembly that will be held soon in South Korea! We celebrate this occasion and the additional opportunity to gain Winged Light. [Editor’s note: More information will be shared on our Korean Sky social channels in the days ahead!]

  • Screenshot Challenge

    Enter a screenshot contest that runs from noon July 18th until noon July 21st! The rules are simple: Share your best screenshot from your time playing Sky, and use the hashtag #Sky3AnnivChallenge on Twitter or Instagram or post it in a special contest channel on the official Sky Discord Server. Only one entry is allowed per Sky Child; all rules shall be posted on Sky’s social media pages when the challenge begins. Though we protest that entries are not required to feature Dark Dragons, we do wish luck to the Children of the Light who participate.

  • Merchandise Partnership with Village Vanguard

    In celebration of Sky’s 3rd anniversary, the Japanese book store Village Vanguard has partnered with Sky to offer pre-orders for a merchandise collaboration featuring the work of two Japanese artists. Those of you in Japan can place your orders in-person at designated stores, or through the Village Vanguard website, from July 23rd through 31st.

    To those who inhabit areas outside of this place called Japan, we offer to transport you there for a modest fee of 19,718 Winged Light. Even if you decline this extremely reasonable fare: Be assured preparations are underway to allow you to place pre-orders through a special Village Vanguard website if you are outside of Japan. You are requested to await information about dates and other details.

    [Editor's note 7/23: pre-orders can be made through https://shop.buyee.jp/vvstore. Sizing information for clothing can be found by clicking through the "View on Shop Site" link.]

    This merchandise is available to Sky Children only through pre-orders with Village Vanguard. Production will begin after the pre-order period ends.

    Finally, at the request of the extremely demanding editor, we share this message from Village Vanguard as a means of introduction:

    What is Village Vanguard?
    Village Vanguard is a variety bookstore chain that sells not only books, but a range of other goods all with the keywords, “A Playful Bookstore.” Favored by a range of patrons, especially young people, its main products are unique top-sellers and specialty items. Nicknamed “VilleVan,” in recent years the store has become a prominent trendsetter through projects like collaborations with famous artists and other work with creators to develop original products.
    (Official website: www.village-v.co.jp)

Whether you join the party in the Secret Area with your favorite Dark Crab, in the community with your favorite screenshot, in person at a Sky Assembly, or any other way that fits your style, we can’t wait to celebrate with you. Near or far, we’ll see you in the skies!

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