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SkyFest 2024 Updates: Tickets & More

May 30 2024

Time has flown since our announcement in April, and now SkyFest will be happening in Tokyo in less than two months! Everyone at TGC is working at full steam to prepare for Sky’s birthday—after all, a 5-year celebration has to be extraordinary both in Sky and in-person. To find out more, read on for the latest news about SkyFest and how to get your tickets.

What is SkyFest?

SkyFest is our first ever simultaneous in-person and in-game Sky Assembly event! SkyFest combines the experience of an in-game Sky event with the in-person Sky gatherings held across the world, creating an incredible celebration we’d love to share with everyone for the game’s 5th anniversary.

If you haven’t heard about SkyFest yet, check out this blog post first: bit.ly/SkyFest2024

As you can see, there’s going to be a lot—it’s more than just an in-game event, and it goes beyond merely an in-person gathering. So today we’re taking a closer look at what awaits you at SkyFest 2024 in Tokyo!

DATE: July 13-14 (all times Japan Standard Time)

  • 2 Sessions per day:

  • Session 1: 9:00-13:00

  • Session 2: 14:00-18:00

LOCATION: Shinjuku Sumitomo Sankaku Hiroba (2-6-1 Nishi-Shinjuku, Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan)

Main Stage Programs Confirmed!

TGC teams will take the stage to share a whole variety of talks about Sky’s development, and Jenova Chen, the creative director of Sky himself, will give a keynote speech to players on Sky’s future. There will be all kinds of tidbits about the animation project and new friends who may show up in Sky. And not to mention, voice actor and Sky Special Supporter Yuki Kaji will be at the venue to celebrate Sky's birthday too!

Each session will have something different, so be sure to get a ticket for that session if there’s one you want to attend. After the event we’ll be sharing recordings of the keynote and other talks. But we did want to mention this—The “Let's Explore the History of Sky Together!” talk will be linked to activities in Sky. We’ll share more details about the parts of SkyFest that take place in the game, so stay tuned!

Venue Attractions and More

SkyFest will also feature exhibits related to Sky's art and history. Take them in as you wander from one exhibit area to another—even through a recreation of Aviary Village.

  • Aviary Village: Enjoy this iconic space as if you were a Sky kid.

  • Main Stage: The main stage is located at the far end of the venue, but the large screen should mean that you’ll be able to see it no matter where you are.

  • History of Sky: An assortment of images and scenes will show the history of Sky’s creation.

  • Art of Sky: Like walking through the pages of the art book, explore the art that shaped Sky during its development.

  • Harmony Hall Crafting Corner: Anyone can make their own Nest! Join April-Sensei from the Crafting Corner to make a craft designed especially for SkyFest.

  • TGC Office: Walk through this recreation of the Secret Area as if you yourself were TGC staff.

  • Art Book Signing Session: The three authors of The Art of Sky—Jennie Kong, Yui Tanabe, and Cecil Kim—will gather to sign your artbook (or any Sky merchandise).

  • thatskyshop Special Pop-up Store: Featuring items to celebrate the 5th anniversary! Accessible from the free admission area as well (more about the different admission areas below).

  • Sound Bath: If you need a break, be sure to visit the Sound Bath located in the free admission area!

We’ll share more details (and pictures!) as the event approaches. Of course, a number of TGC staff will be around, too. and we’ve heard that some of the Elders might be there as well. Who knows what could be possible? What we can say for now is that SkyFest is meant to be experienced, not just watched. With so much happening, we hope there’s something for every Child of the Light to explore!

Ticket Information

As mentioned in our previous blog, SkyFest 2024 in Tokyo will be a paid ticketed event. Tickets will be available by lottery, and those who are selected will then be able to purchase tickets.

Note: This lottery system through Lawson Ticket is available only to residents of Japan—unfortunately it cannot accommodate applicants who reside in other countries. Before applying, please be sure to read all the information below.

Ticket Lottery Application

  • Begins 12:00 pm June 2, 2024 (Sun.)

  • Ends 11:59 pm June 9, 2024 (Sun.)

Results are scheduled to be announced after 3:00 p.m. on Friday, June 14, 2024.

Ticket Price

  • Adult: ¥3500 per session

  • Child: ¥1800 per session (for elementary and junior high school students)

Where to Apply

Lawson Ticket: https://l-tike.com/sky5years/

L code: 34677

Membership registration is required to apply. Please refer to their User Guide.

Please Note

  • Ticket price includes tax.

  • Other ticket fees will be charged at the time of ticket purchase.

  • For safety reasons, admission to this event is limited to ages 7 and older.

  • Child tickets are available for elementary and junior high school students. High school students and older will need to purchase an adult ticket.

  • Elementary and junior high school students must be accompanied by a guardian. Admission may be denied for holders of child tickets who are not accompanied by a guardian with an adult ticket.

  • 500 tickets will be available per session. You can apply for up to 4 tickets for each session.

Perks for Ticket Holders

  • SkyFest wristband that allows attendees to freely enter and exit the main venue area during the session that your ticket is for.

  • Only ticket holders are allowed to enter the Main Stage and Harmony Hall area. (Please see the bottom of the blog for more details about the free admission areas.)

  • SkyFest 2024 Special Goodie Bag: This blue bag is filled with souvenirs, cards you can use at the venue, and more—plus it looks like a cape when you wear it.

  • Daily Quests and special rewards: Ticket holders will be able to try out Daily Quests at the venue. When all quests are stamped and completed, you’ll receive a collectable clear card and a very special item—one of 12 types available that are debuting at SkyFest (and which are all pretty adorable if we do say so ourselves)!

thatskyshop Exclusive: SkyFest Celebration Bundle

Another type of ticket will be offered exclusively through thatskyshop: the SkyFest Celebration Bundle. A total of 200 of these tickets are available for the event—50 for each session—and not only do these bundles include guaranteed admission to the venue, they come with official Sky merchandise, special experiences at the venue, and more.

SkyFest Celebration Bundles will be $225 each. Sales start on thatskyshop at 12:00 pm June 2, 2024 (again, all times Japan Standard Time).

SkyFest Celebration Bundle Perks

Each bundle comes with an admission ticket for a session, plus:

  • Official Sky merch including a tote bag, 5th Anniversary T-shirt, an official The Art of Sky artbook, and an autographed thank-you card

  • Art book signing priority voucher

  • Main Stage VIP Access

  • A special extra Daily Quest reward (if you also complete the quest, you will get two rewards in total)

  • Meet and greet session with Jenova

SkyFest Celebration Bundle tickets will not be sold through the Lawson ticket lottery system. Instead, they can be purchased on a first-come, first-served basis on thatskyshop. All SkyFest Celebration Bundle tickets are the same price regardless of the age of the ticket holder. However, if an elementary or junior high school student purchases a SkyFest Celebration Bundle ticket, a guardian must also purchase a SkyFest Celebration Bundle and accompany them. Again, for safety reasons admission to this event is limited to ages 7 and older regardless of the type of ticket purchased.

Free Admission Area

The main ticketed area is separate from the rest of the venue, but the spacious corridor that wraps around the perimeter is open to all visitors so anyone can enjoy themed photo spots and (albeit from a distance) sculptures recreated from in-game scenery. Not to mention, TGC staff may pass through this area too, so go ahead and say hello if you see any of us! The Sound Bath and thatskyshop pop-up store will also be located in the free admission area and open to all during the event hours.

We’ll also be handing out cards with special Sky codes to everyone who comes to the event! This code can be used in-game to receive 25 regular Candles plus a set of spells that include something blue, something delicious, something sparkly, and maybe some other fun anniversary extras (Sky code cards are also included with paid ticketed admission).

Two hours after the start of each session, up to 100 non-ticket holders will be invited into the venue area, depending on how crowded it gets (a dedicated line will be made for this).

However, please note that perks for ticket holders such as the Daily Quest activities will not apply for non-ticket holders. The Main Stage and the Harmony Hall Crafting Corner will also not be accessible.

*Whether ticketed or non-ticketed, those who enter the event area must be at least 7 years old. Similarly, elementary and junior high school-age attendees must be accompanied by a guardian.

A Few Notes If You Attend

We wanted to mention just a few other things to be aware of if you decide to join us in-person at SkyFest:

  • First, TGC staff and related personnel may take videos and photos inside and outside the venue. Attendees may also be filmed or photographed for official TGC promotions and social media posts in the future. Please be aware that by attending the event, you’ll be agreeing to let us use videos and images that you may be in.

  • As a reminder, elementary and junior high school students need to be accompanied by a guardian at all times. If you bring younger Sky kids with you, please do not leave them unattended in the venue area.

  • Eating is not permitted in the venue area. You may bring your own beverages, but please use containers with lids that can properly close. Absolutely no alcoholic beverages are allowed in the venue area. We may ask you to leave if you are under the influence of alcohol.

  • Please refrain from bringing large luggage such as duffel bags or carry-on suitcases, as we will not be able to accept any luggage. Please keep your valuables close to you.

  • We definitely welcome you to bring fanart and take pictures with them around the exhibits. However, please do not bring large or fragile items, or items that may harm people around you (items with sharp corners, long objects, etc.).

  • Attendees are welcome to wear costumes and other cosplay at the venue, but changing clothes at or in the vicinity of the venue will not be permitted.

  • Please do not distribute your fanart or other works at the venue.

  • We ask everyone to follow the instructions of the staff at the venue.

Whew that’s a lot of info! Glad you made it to the end. We know this is quite a bit for one blog article (one of our longest so far), but we couldn’t help but share the details—We’re getting more and more excited about the event and we hope that you are too!

Most of all, though, we hope that SkyFest will be a memorable event that Sky kids will enjoy together as they celebrate Sky's 5th birthday in a spectacular way! If you’re in Japan and are interested in coming, consider purchasing tickets or even just coming by for a visit.

Stay tuned to our Japanese social media channels for announcements when applications begin for the ticket lottery. We hope to see you at the SkyFest, both in game and in person in Tokyo!

2024.5.31 Added ticket information.
2024.6.3 Price shown in USD.

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