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Sky PC Comes to Steam Next Fest

October 5 2023

It’s been a busy year in and out of Sky—new events and features in the game, multiple Sky Assemblies around the world, and of course, you may have heard about that world record-breaking AURORA concert at gamescom. Now it’s time for more news about Steam Next Fest, and an update on our Wishlist campaign.

Join Us During Steam Next Fest

We’re excited to share that Sky will next be participating in Steam Next Fest from October 9th through 16th! During that window, all PC players can play a demo version of Sky via Steam—no special sign-ups or invite codes are needed.

To play on the Next Fest PC demo, you’ll be able to download Sky from Steam like any other game. We’d love to get your feedback on things like:

  • How does the game feel as you play it? Is performance smooth and stable?

  • Do you have any issues with graphics?

  • How were controls and UI (user interface)?

Both new and current players are welcome to try this version out—feedback from players of all experience levels is vital! We’ll track feedback through a dedicated channel on Discord—join us on the server to send it there so that we can hear from you! That feedback will be vital as we work towards the full PC launch, and on big plans we have for next year, too…

During Next Fest we’ll also be hosting a special livestream! Join us on October 13th at 9:00 am PDT (UTC -7) for a special Steam Next Fest stream featuring Cozy K, Game Designer Julian Jimsa, and Community Manager Stellify on our official Steam page. Julian and Stellify will join Cozy K in exploring the world of Sky, as well as enjoying the Days of Style vibes. Keep an eye on our Steam page too for exclusive material (like, say, concept art) being posted there as part of the event.

Cozy K

The main difference between the demo version of Sky available during Next Fest and the full version is that in-game purchases won’t be available. Otherwise, PC players will be able to play the Next Fest version of Sky the same as players on mobile, Switch, and PlayStation, and there will be crossplay with all other platforms.

(Note that account progress on the Next Fest PC demo will be saved and carried over to the full official launch later on. If you already have a Sky account, link it to a Steam account first while you’re on a mobile device, and you’ll be able to play that account during Next Fest.)

Steam Wishlist Extravaganza Results

There’s no other way to put it: You all were AMAZING. You easily took us past 100,000 and then 200,000 wishlists, and kept going past 250,000 and even 300,000! THANK YOU! As we mentioned in our Wishlist announcement, we’re giving something to the community for each of these four tiers:

  • 100,000: Special Edition Desktop Backgrounds (https://bit.ly/SkyWallpaper)

  • 200,000: Sneak Peek Concept Art (if you missed them, we posted them earlier here, here, here, and here!)

  • 250,000: Traveling Spirit Community Vote

  • 300,000: Double Hearts + Double Candles event during the first week of the full PC launch

We’re working out the specific dates for when the Community-voted Traveling Spirit and Double Hearts + Double Candles will appear in the game for everyone. But, in the meantime, there’s a very important decision to make—

Traveling Spirit Community Vote

Since we reached 250,000 Wishlists, it’s time to choose a Traveling Spirit! This Spirit will be the second in line to visit after Sky’s official launch on PC. All Spirits currently eligible to return as a TS are listed on the voting form; whichever Spirit gets the most votes compared to any other will be chosen.

Voting begins today, October 5th, and continues until 10:00 am on October 16th PDT (UTC -7), the last day of Next Fest. Happy voting!



Next Fest, livestreaming, more Steam PC players, a Traveling Spirit vote—that was a lot for one blog article. With everything going on, and some bigger plans on the horizon, we can’t wait to share what’s coming up. We’ll see you at Next Fest!

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