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Sky Original Game Soundtrack Volumes 2 & 3 as Sky Celebrates Second Anniversary


Original Soundtrack Volume 2

Sky music lovers, your time has come again! We’re excited to release two new digital volumes of Sky’s soundtrack from composer Vincent Diamante. Sky Original Game Soundtrack Vol. 2 will include a 26 track album covering the game’s atmospheric scoring of the main story arc, while Sky Original Game Soundtrack Vol. 3 will feature a 36 track album encompassing favorite music of the past adventure seasons! Sky’s original soundtracks will be available to purchase or stream via https://www.thatskygame.com/ost.

Original Soundtrack Volume 3

Vincent Diamante is an award-winning and nominated composer and audio designer (BAFTA, AIAS, G4TV) who has scored Sky, Flower and Cloud for thatgamecompany as well as Skullgirls, Castlevania, among others.

“The musical world of Sky has evolved so much over the last few years,” said Diamante. “The last two years of music writing has been an exciting journey of creating new ideas and reshaping older ones for the players that have lived with the game for multiple seasons, as well as the new players that are seeing a different game from what we launched back in 2019. Being able to respond to the players with fresh new music every few months has been both challenging and inspiring as each new season brings a different set of emotions to the forefront.”

To honor Sky’s two year anniversary, there will additionally be a small celebratory surprise event within the game for players to come together and unlock Birthday Hat cosmetics, Birthday Cake items and a Birthday Flag stage item. The anniversary event will launch July 12th-25th—check out the blog here to catch all the details!

Sky Second Anniversary Event Schedule:

  • July 12th-25th: Sky Anniversary In-Game Event

  • July 16th: Sky Original Game Soundtrack Vol. 2 digital release

  • July 30th: Sky Original Game Soundtrack Vol. 3 digital release

Sky Original Game Soundtrack Vol. 2 & Vol. 3 will be available from July 16th and July 30th for digital download and streaming across iTunes, Apple Music, YouTube Music, Spotify, and other platforms. For more information, go to https://www.thatskygame.com/ost.

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