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Sky Goes to Tokyo Game Show 2022


A Sky child wearing an orange cape reaches out to the viewer, while six other Sky children run and fly through Daylight Prairie

As we enter September, we’re busy getting a few things for players: updates, events, features, and a collaboration you may have already heard a little bit about in July. Something else we’re getting ready for—we’re on our way to welcome players at Tokyo Game Show!

From September 15th through 18th Japan Standard Time (September 14th through 17th PDT), we’re hosting visitors at our booth and viewers on our livestreams to take a deeper look into the world of Sky. A life-size social space will be ready to welcome attendees, with Sky-themed activities for all to enjoy.

For Sky children who attend virtually, we also have a bustling schedule of livestreams lined up for Tokyo Game Show in English, Japanese, and Korean. Voice actor Yuki Kaji also returns as a guest during a special livestream in Japanese, and for our English-speaking audience we’re debuting our first episode of TGC Talks, a talk show hosted by your trusty Community team.

We’ll also showcase more of the art and music that go into the game, learn a little bit of Sky-themed Japanese vocabulary, and share a glimpse into how Sky is localized so that players across regions can connect in-game no matter what language they speak.

Refer to the schedule below for dates and times! Livestreams will be broadcast on YouTube or Twitter in the languages indicated on the schedule:

  • YouTube: @thatgamecompany for English, @thatgamecompanyJP for Japanese, and @thatgamecompanyKR for Korean

  • Twitter: @thatskygame for English, @thatskygameJP for Japanese, and @thatskygameKR Korean

As always, we encourage attendees to take precautions for both their own safety and the safety of fellow players and staff. We encourage those who consider participating in person to familiarize themselves with the COVID-19 requirements and recommendations set by the venue as well as municipal authorities. As we get ready to head to Tokyo, we look forward to the chance to safely meet more of the community soon. See you in the skies!

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