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Sky × Cinnamoroll Pop-Up Cafe Opens Soon!

April 22 2024

No town is complete without a cafe, and now it’s finally time for one to open in Aviary Village. This is a milestone for the village, so we’re holding a grand opening celebration with a collaboration that features a special guest: the beloved Sanrio character Cinnamoroll!

A Grand Opening with Cinnamoroll

Starting on April 27th (all times PDT), fly over to Aviary to help Tiptoeing Tea-Brewer mark the grand opening of the cafe with a friendly visitor—none other than Cinnamoroll himself. This friendly puppy once had a life in the clouds—not unlike Sky children.

Since his arrival to life on the ground, he’s become an expert in how to make a cafe lively and inviting, and he’ll be in Aviary Village as part of a special three-week collaboration that welcomes Sky kids to the newest gathering place in the kingdom.

Complete themed Daily Quests as Cinnamoroll explores the area, take snapshots with the colorful decor, and of course, stop by the cafe counter to try some of the freshly baked Light pastries that Tiptoeing Tea-Brewer will be preparing for everyone.

A Special Event for a Special Cafe

Last year as we sat down to plan all the possibilities for Aviary Village, we realized that a cafe would have to be in its future.

But this new, permanent corner of Aviary Village is more than just a place to get a quick recharge (of Light rather than caffeine) before heading on your way.

The cafe is where you can say hello to friendly faces—perhaps a Spirit, perhaps a fellow Child of the Light. It will also be a place for anyone to request or offer help. Interested in advice for navigating the Trial of Fire? Hoping to guide someone past the Dark Dragons in Wasteland? Looking simply for someone to do Daily Quests with? You may find just the person to team up with while waiting for your order at the cafe.

The Aviary Village cafe is more than just a building, and we’re excited to make its opening a memorable and festive celebration!

Collaboration Mementos and More

While you’re spending time with Cinnamoroll and with friends during the three weeks of the cafe’s grand opening, keep an eye out for event currency! Five can be gathered each day through a themed Daily Quest, putting in an order at the cafe, and taking pictures with Cinnamoroll himself.

As part of this collaboration, a selection of special cosmetics will be offered during the event, from accessories to capes, plushies, and more! Check out the patch notes page for details if you haven’t seen it already.

(Note that since this is a collaboration event, items offered during the Sky × Cinnamoroll Pop-Up Cafe event are not scheduled to return in the future.)

There will be plenty to do for the event outside of the game, too. Share your favorite pictures and videos using the hashtag #SkyxCinnamoroll. Stay tuned to our social media channels for announcements as well—there will be community challenges, featured livestreams, and more to look forward to!

The Sky × Cinnamoroll Pop-Up Cafe event begins at 00:00 April 27th and continues until 23:59 May 17th.

We can’t wait to see you there!

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