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Sky Assemblies: Long Beach Guide


In just a couple of days we’ll host our first ever Sky Assemblies in-person event at Rose Park Roasters’ Pine Avenue Location in Long Beach, California. The event will run from 9 AM to 2 PM on July 21, and the whole of the North American Community Team will be in attendance overseeing activities, giving out gifts, and answering tough questions like, “Who would win in a dance contest between Jenova and Cecil?”* and “What’s the best way to convince a Dark Dragon not to steal your Winged Light?”

We’ve been carefully monitoring the COVID situation in Los Angeles County and have worked with Rose Park Roasters management to secure the patio area in front of their store for Sky Assemblies activities. Food and drink can be purchased inside, but out of an abundance of caution and concern for the well-being of our fellow Sky Kids, we’re otherwise asking attendees to hang out with us outside and enjoy the mild Long Beach weather as the day begins. Don’t forget things like hats, sunscreen, and umbrellas if you intend to be with us for a bit.

We’ve put together an event guide for those able to attend. Even if you’re not able to come, though, this guide will offer some insight into what you can expect when a Sky Assembly pops up in your neighborhood.

Long Beach Event Guide


  • WHO: You, hopefully, and the North American Sky Community Team

  • WHAT: Sky Assemblies Kickoff Event

  • WHEN: Thursday July 21, 2022 from 9 AM to 2 PM

  • WHERE: Rose Park Roasters on Pine Avenue in Long Beach, California

  • WHY: For fun, obviously!


  • Check-In: Upon arrival, please visit a member of the Community Team to collect your name tag, sign an attendee waiver, and learn more about the events of the day and opportunities to have fun. We encourage you to write your Sky Kid name on your badge, but anything you’d like to go by will do.

  • 10 AM: Sky Music Lessons

    Legendary musician Denise will be offering Sky music lessons. If you’ve always wanted to express yourself musically in Sky but been unsure how to, there’s never been a better time to learn from one of the studio’s best!

  • 10 AM: Valley Racing Grand Prix

    If you’ve got the speed, join Robert for a thrilling, high-octane race through the Valley of Triumph. The prize for winning will be all the friends you made (and passed) along the way!

  • 11 AM: Sky Trivia

    Quiz master and Social Media Manager Sam will be challenging your knowledge of all things Sky.

  • 12 PM: Sky Scavenger Hunt

    Do you know where everything in Sky is? Prove it when Amelia hosts our very first in-person Sky scavenger hunt.

  • 12:30 PM: Shall we take a selfie?

    At 12:30 PM we’ll be taking a group selfie to share on official Sky social media channels. Silly faces are required.

  • All Event: New Friend Quest!

    No Sky-themed event is complete without a quest! Your quest at this Sky Assembly is to make a new friend. Once you’ve done so, bring yourself and them over to a member of the Community Team and introduce yourselves. We don’t have any candles to offer, but we do have cool gift bags that all attendees can receive.


We want Sky Assemblies events to feel as much like Sky as possible, and because of that we’re introducing a special rule to this first event:

Before talking to another attendee, you must first bow, wave, butterfly pose, boogie, or crab walk. If you are emoted at, you have to return the favor with an emote of your own.

After emotes have been exchanged, you’ll be allowed to chat with each other. The exception to this rule is if you sit at a table or bench with another attendee. In that case you can begin chatting right from the get go as you normally would in Sky.

Aside from helping attendees get checked in, or assisting with any issues that may arise, the Community Team will also be following this rule. We think it’ll be fun!

Rules to exchange the wave, boogie, butterfly pose, bow, or crab walk emote


  • Some street parking is available, but we encourage you to group up if friends you know are coming in order to preserve space for others.

  • There is no entry fee.

  • While you are not required to purchase any food or beverages, we ask that you consider doing so as a means of thanking Rose Park Roasters for allowing us to host our event at one of their locations.

  • Rose Park Roasters’ Pine Avenue location does sell alcoholic beverages, but Sky Assemblies attendees may not purchase or drink them at the event.

  • We ask that, when not eating or drinking, attendees who are inside mask up and keep hands sanitized. Masks are not required when outdoors.

  • If you are feeling under the weather, we ask that you not attend this event out of consideration for your fellow Sky Kids. We value everyone’s health and well-being!

  • You can identify members of the thatgamecompany Community Team by their black TGC shirts and, weather permitting, blue TGC hoodies. Other TGC members may show up but there are no guarantees! If they do, feel free to say hello and chat with them.

As we mentioned in our last Sky Assemblies blog, this is our first time hosting one of these events, and we’re very excited to hang out and see what you all think. This first event will help us shape the program going forward, and we’d be delighted if you could help us test it.

Thank you for reading, and we’ll see some of you in-person!

*We suspect Cecil would win a dance contest, but invite Jenova to prove us wrong.

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