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Share Your Creative Side with Days of Style

September 27 2023

Grab a pair of sunglasses and strike a pose for a brand new event—Days of Style is on its way to give Sky kids a chance to show their creative side.

Ensembles On a Theme

Beginning on October 2nd, the Style Guide Spirit will be in Home for two weeks, ready to teleport you to a fashion runway placed in one of Sky’s levels. Each one will stay in place for 48 hours before a new runway will appear in a different spot (teleport there with the Style guide to find it more quickly). Each one has a unique theme, and you’re invited to create an ensemble interpreting that theme in whichever way you choose.

“Alpine Fireside,” “Lost in the Hidden Forest” or even “Chaotic Combinations”—for each runway theme, pick an outfit from your closet to show your own interpretation. Don’t have quite the right accessory or cape for that interpretation? Closets near each runway will temporarily lend you clothes and other cosmetics! Pick out your favorites, then use a Shared Memory spell as you sashay your way on the runway to share your interpretation with friends and fellow Sky kids.

Event Currency

You can find up to five event currency each day, shaped like (quite fashionable, if we do say so ourselves) top hats. Four will be placed in the area around the runway, and one can be earned after watching another player’s runway Shared Memory recording.

We also have an update related to event currency in Days of Style. As we’ve mentioned before, we continue to iterate on the event currency feature to improve it over time, based on how it’s working in the game and on feedback we get from you all. One of the tweaks we’re making in Days of Style is an additional event currency catch-up spell.

This new spell will allow players to convert a number of regular Candles for one event currency. This is in addition to the spells that convert Ascended Candles to event currency. We hope these two spells add some flexibility and are a useful option for players who aren’t able to play during an event as much as they’d hoped!

Still, there will be plenty of event currency available to unlock new in-game currency (IGC) items, even if you miss some of the event—the spells are not designed to be necessary to get everything. The most efficient way to get new IGC during an event will still be to simply play it!

New Items

Event currency can be used to unlock IGC items for Days of Style:

  • Style Runway Mask: 8 event currency

  • Style Top Hat: 10 event currency

  • Style Star Sunglasses: 14 event currency

  • Style Silk Ballet Slippers: 18 event currency

The in-game shop will have several items to choose from, in case one of them is just what you were looking for to complete your ideal combination:

  • Style Flame Sunglasses: $2.99

  • Style Heart Sunglasses: $4.99

  • Style Bunny Slippers: $6.99

  • Style Wide-Leg Jeans: $9.99

Don’t forget, the Sleepy Traveling Merchant’s Boat in Home offers free trial spells for all IAP and IGC items!

Days of Style begins at 00:00 on October 2nd PDT (UTC -7) and continues until 23:59 on October 15th. Content is free for everyone—do note that players will need to have enough progress to enter the level where a particular runway is located.

From simple and cozy to swanky and sophisticated, show your creative side as Days of Style invites every Sky kid to share something uniquely theirs. We’ll see you in the skies—and on the runway!

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