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Shards of the Past Arrive in Season of Shattering


The wounds of the past are never far from sight.

The light around us is in constant motion. Who could not see it? Who could not feel the joy of its movement?

Once, we guided the migrating flocks. Once, behemoths flew alongside us in peace. And then we took the light from the wind. The behemoths that remained were only the monuments to ourselves. Our cities shone with a captive glow. We were enraptured as we taught our machines to bind and hoard.

The world of the present can be healed, but our past cannot be undone. Jagged remnants lie in our wake, and even for the mountain it is too much to hold.

The kingdom’s history is whispered in its ruins, but as Season of Shattering approaches, that history will land in the realms in new ways. Beginning at 00:00 Monday July 11th (all times PDT, UTC-7), pieces of the past rupture from the mountain at the center of a long-ago calamity.

As we mentioned in an earlier post, this Season takes a different approach to telling a new facet of the story of Sky. In place of Spirits who once lived in Sky’s towns and villages sharing their memories, shards of Darkness hold glimpses of memories for players to find. Talk to the Void of Shattering, whose presence as the Season Guide is linked to the eruptions, to begin the Seasonal Quests that unlock those memories. Then set forth to clear certain Shard Eruptions.

These eruptions fall multiple times in one area of one realm each day. Some of these can be challenging to face down once they descend—persist alone or with others to earn something in return:

  • Regular eruptions provide Light for Candles

  • Stronger eruptions provide Light for Ascended Candles and a chance to complete Seasonal Quests

Shard Eruptions will continue after Season of Shattering ends. Players will continue to have the option of gathering Ascended Candles by facing the Darkness of strong eruptions, in addition to (or perhaps instead of) playing through Eye of Eden.

The eruptions themselves give clues to their strength. For instance, stronger eruptions will usually fall farther away from the main path of each level. During the first week of the Season they’ll be particularly intense, so it may be best to tackle them with others. They will gradually settle down in the following weeks of the Season though, for a mix of regular and stronger eruptions as time goes on.

Although the Season will not introduce Seasonal Spirits, the Void of Shattering in Home gives access to a special seasonal space where the Season’s cosmetics can be found. Approach points of memory here and use Seasonal Candles to find capes, outfits, accessories, and other items that pay homage to the creatures of Sky.

As the Season of Shattering unfolds across the lands of Sky, keep watch—for signs of eruptions, for calls for aid, for a chance to recover a moment locked in time. Join together and bring Light to wounds of the past.

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