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Season of the Little Prince Update


It’s hard to believe that we’re already more than a month and a half into the Season of the Little Prince. Whether playing music on glittering mountaintops, adventuring across the sand dunes of the Starlight Desert, or hearing the tales of woeful spirits, we hope that this season has brought you memorable moments so far—and we’re excited to bring you the finale in the coming weeks!

Schedule Update: Seasonal Quests and Special Seasonal Items

We’re about to enter the final stretch of the season, and the sixth quest is already underway. The final seventh quest is on Monday the 30th (all times PDT).

As you may know, as part of this season’s collaboration the in-game shop has offered specially themed cosmetics: the Fox prop and the Little Prince Scarf Cape. These two cosmetics will be available until the final quest begins—in other words, the last day the Fox prop and Scarf Cape will be available is Sunday August 29th PDT.

After the seventh quest begins on August 30th, the second pair of new seasonal cosmetics will appear: the Asteroid Jacket cape and the Sword outfit. These will be available to players who complete all seasonal quests and will remain in the shop until the season concludes. If you plan to add these items to your closet, please be sure to mark your calendars!

Prince Sword Suit: 200 Candles

After completing the seventh seasonal quest, visit The Rose quest giver to unlock this outfit for your avatar.

Little Prince Asteroid Jacket: $24.99 (USD)

This item will be available in the in-game shop after finishing all seasonal quests. While wearing it, players can teleport to a special seasonal area and can bring friends with them while holding hands.

These two items will be available until the season concludes on Sunday September 19 at 11:59pm PDT (UTC -7). Players can get free spells from the spell shop to try out each of these items.

What to Expect at Season’s End

We’ve also received questions from players about how Season of Little Prince will wrap up, given that it’s a bit different from our usual seasons. We hope the information below will help!

Will the Little Prince go away after Season of the Little Prince ends?

The Little Prince will leave Sky after our 0.15.0 update releases. He will be replaced with a different character.

What about other spirits unique to the season?

All seasonal spirits will remain as they are for the foreseeable future.

What about quests and related text?

Quite thorough of you to ask! All of that will stay the same. There are no plans to change any of it after the season ends.

Will Season of the Little Prince IAPs be available after the season ends?

There are no current plans to bring back Little Prince IAPs in the future.

What is the special seasonal area accessible with the Asteroid Jacket? Will it remain after the season ends?

The special seasonal area is a place of memories that can be accessed while wearing the Asteroid Jacket, or holding the hand of a friend who is wearing it. It will remain accessible after this season is over.

How does the Asteroid Jacket work?

In addition to its fancy style, the Asteroid Jacket also has a magical feature to teleport you and the friends you hold hands with to this season's special area. You can use the teleport feature by selecting the Asteroid Jacket icon at the top of the expression (emote) menu while you wear this item.

Where is this "Special Seasonal Area"? Is it Starlight Desert?

Actually, this area is a completely different place than the Starlight Desert. It can only be reached by teleporting to it with the Asteroid Jacket feature, and it can be enjoyed when you visit alone or with your friends. You can use the Asteroid Jacket from anywhere in the game to transport you and your friends to visit this area together.

From the earliest stages of development, we’ve looked at details large and small to bring the experience of the Little Prince into Sky—some of which you can see in the concept art here. We hope you’ve found delight and wonder throughout this journey, and we’re eager to hear what you think of what awaits. We look forward to seeing your screenshots and hearing about your adventures in the game!

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