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Preparing a New Season Experience


Two Sky children in Daylight Prairie looking in the distance under a darkened sky

How’s it going, everyone? We hope you’re continuing to enjoy Season of Performance! You all have made some really cool stuff with the stage and Shared Memories that has us laughing, crying, and glad we added a penguin. We’re excited to see more in the future! Speaking of the future, the reason why we’re writing this blog is because we want to talk to you about it—specifically what comes after Season of Performance.

Before we get into that, however, a bit about thatgamecompany for those who may not know us very well. We don’t ever do things just to do them. In everything we create, we strive to build things that are meaningful, entertaining, and above all else, emotionally resonant. We always want to be pushing ourselves to try new things, and explore new methods of storytelling, both in and out of game.

Dark crabs playing in the water at the AnimeJapan booth

That brings us to what comes after Season of Performance. The next Season is going to look different from what you all are used to in Sky—so different in fact that it may not appear to even be a Season at first glance. We’ve mentioned before that not all of our Seasons are designed to do the same things. Some, like Season of the Little Prince, slant heavily towards direct narrative while others, like Season of Prophecy, are more about gameplay, with story being more ambient in the environment.

The next Season leans more in the direction of Season of Prophecy. We’re introducing a brand new world element that we feel will inject a lot of life into the day-to-day Sky experience, and offer more meaningful opportunities for players to come together to support each other. This will be a permanent addition that will allow us to do some cool event-based storytelling.

Illustration of two Sky children in Eye of Eden

This new Season will hit beta within the next few days, and there’s a chance that you may see other folks sharing images and videos on social media that do not feel like what you may be used to seeing. Don’t panic! That’s by design. There is a plan, which we’ll be excited to talk more about as we get closer to the beginning of the season, after our wonderful beta testers have had a chance to get their hands on it and give us their thoughts.

We’re also excited to reveal more in the next few months about the collaboration coming later this year, which we’re hard at work on.

Until then, we’ll see you in the skies!

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