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Opening for All Musicians: Harmony Hall


Three Sky players watch another player play a guitar as the Mellow Musician stands in the background

With the arrival of our 0.17.5 update this week, a new location in Sky will soon open its doors: Harmony Hall! Beginning on Monday May 23rd (all times PDT, UTC -7), players can gather to immerse themselves in the melodies of Sky’s musical instruments. This is a permanent area in the Valley of Triumph’s Village of Dreams, and its arrival will be celebrated with a special two-week grand opening celebration from 00:00 May 23rd until 23:59 June 5th. Ahead of its opening, we arranged a tour with the Spirits preparing to welcome everyone inside.

The Modest Dancer greeted us and quickly led us to shelves and corners filled with a plethora of instruments.

“What do you want to play? Just walk up and pick what’s on the shelf to try it out for free, as long as you’d like! Over here people can sample wind instruments. In that section are stringed instruments like guitars, and a few percussion instruments—I love dancing to them!” We offered to play a rhythm for them to dance with, but the dancer only laughed a little nervously in response.

“Uh…I’m still practicing. Hey did you see the pianos on the other side? There’s even an instrument from the Wind Paths, and one that I’ve heard was found from a thoughtful director in Hidden Vault a while ago. I wonder what their performances were like?”

Next we spoke with two Spirits standing in a corner lined with music sheets.

“Take a seat! Here’s the song we’ve planned for the first week!” The Frantic Stagehand reached to show us one of the music sheets as the Performance Guide Spirit explained:

“It’s simple. Anyone can come here with one of their own instruments and play this music sheet challenge. If they get some of the notes right, they get one batch of Light, but if they get a lot of them right, they’ll receive two batches. No experience is needed—people can keep trying as many times as they want each day.”

The Stagehand added, “There’s an assortment of music sheets to play here, a different one each week. I got them all set up, so they’re definitely all there—I triple checked.”

Sky child looking at three percussion instruments in Harmony Hall

We headed next to the second floor and met the Mellow Musician. “Wanna practice?” They took out a music sheet for us.

“Some of the songs in the quest downstairs might be hard, right? But no sweat. Whenever you need to practice the week’s music sheet with someone, just come up here and we can play it together. Or, hang out long enough on your visit to the Hall and the other two will come up from downstairs so you can all do a jam session.”

We went back to the ground floor to chat with the Forgetful Storyteller, in their off-stage role as the guide Spirit for Harmony Hall. “Oh I don’t have any instruments! I’m better at words than music, but I do have a few other items that Sky children might enjoy.”

They took out a small hairpin and four music sheets. “For Harmony Hall’s two-week grand opening, I’ll have this accessory for the occasion. The music sheets will be available whenever someone may want them, though! They’re great for practicing different instrument parts.”

  • Music sheets: 10 Candles each

  • Music hair accessory: 50 Candles (available 00:00 May 23rd until 23:59 June 5th)

They also explained that the two-week grand opening will include Social Light inside Harmony Hall for everyone to collect, too.

As we prepared to leave, the Spirits also pointed to several instruments that will be available as in-app purchases, optionally for those interested. Two—a harp and a guitar—are new visual designs of their counterparts players may have seen previously in the game. The third, a handpan, is a reimagined version of a past seasonal instrument with both a distinct sound as well as appearance.

These are not limited instruments and will be continually available in Harmony Hall after the grand opening period ends.

  • Fledgling Harp: $4.99 (all currencies USD)

  • Rhythm Guitar: $14.99

  • Triumph Handpan: $19.99

Free trial spells of these instruments will be ready for players on the table in the center of Harmony Hall. They will be available during the grand opening period.

Two Spirits from Season of Performance watch a player perform on a guitar

Harmony Hall becomes available to all players on 00:00 Monday May 23rd. The front entrance is in the Village of Dreams located in Valley of Triumph. The back entrance can be unlocked by completing the 4th seasonal quest once it becomes available on the same day. The grand opening features will be available until 23:59 Sunday June 5th.

We’re excited to bring a new spot that we hope will be a gathering place for musicians (and aspiring musicians) of all types. Stay tuned as we prepare more for the Hall! In the meantime we look forward to hearing your feedback through the channels on our Discord server. Until then, see you in the skies!

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