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On the Scene in Season of Flight


For six weeks now, the skies high above Hidden Forest have been bustling with activity as Sky kids explore the clouds and breezes of Season of Flight. As birds and mantas continue their ascension to the Wind Paths, we set forth into the area to see what kind of discoveries were at the center of everyone’s attention.

“I didn’t think I’d have much to chat about with the Light Whisperer,” said one Sky child we interviewed, who gave only the nickname Rain. “Honestly, I was most excited to come here because the mantas are my favorite animals—usually I spend my free time in Sanctuary manta-watching, or saving the ones trapped in Dark Plants in Hidden Forest. But you wouldn’t believe how much the Light Whisperer showed me about mantas! And they taught me a new type of manta call. I was so happy all I did was honk for days.”

Rain admits they prefer to explore the realms of Sky at a calmer pace, and can even be caught napping on the beds on the Light Whisperer’s island. After reciting some of their favorite facts about these Light creatures (“Did you know that it takes a large manta 24.3 seconds to fly from the village to the entrance of the temple in Prairie?”), they reflected on some of their other encounters with the Season of Flight spirits.

“One afternoon I went to take a nap near the Tinkering Chimesmith’s workshop, but instead they introduced me to the instrument and music sheets this group of spirits created. I’ve been practicing the sheet the Lively Navigator gave me—can’t wait to show it off to my Sanctuary mantas!”

After Rain bid us farewell to take a snooze on a random hammock, we ventured over towards Lively Navigator’s island to find out more, but instead got pulled along by one Sky child who dove into the Season to quench their need for speed. We tried asking them their name several times as we zipped through the air, but never quite managed to catch it over the roar of the wind.

“I thought the Golden Wasteland catapult was the fastest way to fly, but do you see how fast we shot out of that tunnel? And you only smacked into the wall three times, nice!” Our ears were still ringing as they recounted their meeting with Lively Navigator. The fact that the Navigator races as a hobby was an immediate connection for this Sky kid, who comes to the Wind Paths often to hone their strategies for the flight race.

“The first spirit I met actually was the Talented Builder over there—they came and just loomed over me after I crash-landed on their island. I thought they'd be mad but it turns out they couldn’t wait to show off all the stuff they made. Then they even gave me a hat and this feathered collar to keep warm in Valley of Triumph—how cool is that?"

Our mystery Sky kid continued, “But, the one I’m closest to is the Navigator. We just get each other, you know? They might know how to get others safely around the islands, and they made sure I’m finding these new shortcuts to other levels, but do you see where they’re pointing? Up! Higher altitude, higher velocity. I hear the wind speed around these islands will pick up in the coming weeks—come find me if you’re interested in racing!”

They quickly disappeared in the clouds, leaving us to catch our breath on the boat kindly pulled along for us by a Light manta. Some other Sky children joined the throng to test out the new instrument, playful melodies floating through the air. Afterwards, we sat together applauding the Sky kids finishing their third seasonal quest and cheering on the fliers swooping into the tunnels underneath the island with an explosion of chirps and emotes.

The Season of Flight continues for several more weeks until 11:59pm (PST, UTC-8) on December 19, 2021. Content is available for all players, and seasonal spirits offer rewards for players to unlock with seasonal candles; players with an Adventure Pass ($9.99 USD) will also have the opportunity to unlock additional items from the seasonal spirit Friendship Trees as well as two Ultimate Gifts. Grab a friend, grab a cape, and discover what awaits beyond the clouds—see you in the skies!

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