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Nintendo Switch Frequently Asked Questions


Since announcing that Sky will launch on Nintendo Switch in June, we’ve received a lot of questions! We’re still working on answers to some of the questions, and we have some other information that we’re not quite ready to share just yet, but answers to some questions can be found below.

Please continue to send questions to us on our social media channels, on Reddit, or on our Discord server. We’ll be releasing an updated FAQ closer to launch.


  • Can I use my mobile account to play on Nintendo Switch?

    • Yes! In order to do so, however, you will need to link your mobile Sky account to your Nintendo account, on your mobile device FIRST before starting Sky on Nintendo Switch!

  • Will Sky be free-to-play on Nintendo Switch?

    • Yes! While there will be certain areas that require IAP items to enter, players with those items will be able to bring along friends without those items through hand holding, a social mechanic that allows players to travel together.

  • Will there be a physical edition?

    • There are currently no plans for a physical edition

  • Will there be an option to purchase a collector’s edition?

    • There will not be a collector’s edition - there will, however, be a unique IAP Nintendo Pack that can only be purchased on Nintendo Switch

  • Will I be able to access all of the content available in the mobile version of the game?

    • Players just beginning Sky on the Nintendo Switch will have access of the same future content as mobile players

  • Will I be able to experience prior seasons on the Nintendo Switch version of the game?

    • You will not, although Traveling Spirits regularly introduce spirits from prior seasons, allowing players to earn their unique emotes, as well as unlock cosmetic rewards

  • Will future content on Nintendo Switch and mobile be synced?

    • Yes!

  • Will a Nintendo Switch Online subscription be required to play this game?

    • No, You will not need a Nintendo Switch Online subscription to play Sky

  • Can I use candles bought on Nintendo Switch while playing on mobile, and vice versa?

    • Candles purchased on Nintendo Switch must be used while on Switch. Candles purchased on mobile devices must be used on mobile devices.

  • Can I spend candles earned while playing on Nintendo Switch while on mobile, and vice versa?

    • You can spend candles earned in-game on other platforms, yes.

  • Can I play Sky with all Nintendo Switch controller types?

    • Almost! You can play Sky with all Nintendo Switch controller types and configurations with the exception of playing with a single Joy Con.

  • Can Switch players play alongside mobile users?

    • Yes! Sky supports cross play across all platforms

  • How will I interact with player support on Switch?

    • You will be able to scan a QR code with your phone that will take you to our player support hub, where agents will be able to assist you

  • Will Sky: Children of the Light be coming to any other platforms?

    • We have nothing to announce at the moment

  • Will you be porting other thatgamecompany games to Nintendo Switch?

    • We have nothing to announce at the moment

  • Will the Nintendo Switch version of Sky support STAR pins?

    • Initially, no, although we will be adding that functionality at a later date

  • Can I play with multiple accounts on my Switch with my family?

    • Yes! Please note that you must have a separate Nintendo Account per Sky account, and that if you want to link your mobile Sky account to Nintendo Switch you must do so from your mobile device prior to playing Sky on your Nintendo Switch account

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