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New Sky Milestones for gamescom 2023

July 19 2023

Among all the things we’re getting ready for this summer, one of the most exciting is happening next month. From August 23rd-27th we’re heading to gamescom!

Across five days in Cologne, Germany we’ll be bringing a little piece of Sky in the real world. The team will be in a booth in Hall 9, so if you’re in the area, come by and see us! And when you do, set aside a few minutes to try out the first hands-on version of Sky on PC, which we’re excited to be able to share ahead of Sky’s official PC launch.

And if you can’t attend in person, don’t worry, there are still big ways you can take part in the event. We decided to throw a party for everyone in Sky for the occasion. Of course, the best place for a party that huge is the Coliseum—and heck, if we’re going to get thousands of players together in Sky’s best concert venue, then there really should be a concert.

So we’re excited to announce the AURORA Encore Concerts! These will run from August 23rd through September 3rd PDT (UTC -7). During this encore event, the original Season of AURORA IAPs will be offered again for purchase, and with the Cure For Me outfit and mask originally offered by the AURORA Guide will be available. There will be a couple new items too, including an emote for everyone, available with in-game currency!

Join a Record-Breaking Concert

Mark your calendars now—On Friday August 25th at 3:00 pm CEST (1:00 pm UTC), we’re calling all Sky kids to join the AURORA concert and set a new world record together. Come join us to create a new milestone that reaches even beyond the realms of Sky! Our engineers are pulling out all the stops to expand the Coliseum capacity to ten thousand players at once, and it’s only fitting that this record is centered on an experience celebrating the connections we all share.

This special world record concert will be hosted by the ever-awesome Sky content creator Sarah "NastyMold" Hayes, with new mini-games like tug-of-war to join in with thousands of your fellow Sky kids.

Check what time the concert will begin in other time zones below—or join us for the countdown here on our website!

Be Part of Special Community Celebration

On Saturday August 26th, the halls of the Coliseum will once again open for a special version of the concert that we’ll be excited to announce during gamescom. NastyMold will be back too, hosting special activities as we build up to the celebration concert. Stay tuned for more details as the day of this event approaches!

Get Ready for Sky PC Beta

You probably noticed how we mentioned having a version of Sky ready to try on PC during gamescom. That means we’ll be starting a limited Sky PC beta on Steam soon—very soon. If you have a PC and want to take part, we’d love to have your help!

All things PC beta will be organized through Discord and in English, so join our server and then head this way to sign up.

The PC beta will be focused on catching and squashing bugs—grab your nets and join us on this bug hunting expedition!

Creating Sky Milestones Together

Whether or not you have a PC, don’t forget—our Steam Moth Recruitment Drive is still underway! Whether you’re a current player or anxiously awaiting PC launch to join the Sky community, head over to our Steam page and add Sky to your wishlist. This guides more moths to the game, and we have cool rewards to share when total wishlist numbers hit certain tiers.

We’ll be sharing more details about gamescom, the concerts, and more, so keep an eye out for more announcements in the weeks ahead. We’ll see you in the skies—and we hope at gamescom!

[Edit Aug. 3] Updated text to clarify emote will be available for in-game currency, with no purchase needed.
[Edit Aug. 4] Concert encore dates are August 23rd through September 3rd PDT.

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