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Masks and More for (Real World) Sky Kids


While we can’t concoct real-life bubbling cauldrons or give human beings the ability to jump out of the ground to startle their friends, with all the Days of Mischief fun happening right now, we thought players might enjoy an opportunity to bring a touch of Sky to their own festivities this time of year. In collaboration with thatskyshop, our lovely art team has created templates to share for making themed jack-o-lanterns as well as masks for real-world children (and adults) to wear.

Each image can be downloaded, resized, and printed on your desired settings. Feel free to use the jack-o-lantern patterns to carve or paint on your pumpkin (or other gourd of choice)! As for the masks, they’ll fit right in at a costume party or trick-or-treating if you’ll be taking part in those activities, but why limit the fun only to Halloween? Don the Prophet of Earth’s mask to help Dust Off the challenge of completing the Season of Prophecy trials, or slip on your own version of the Provoking Performer’s crab mask while you deftly evade Dark Crabs trying to provoke you. Or perhaps wearing these masks will be just what you’ve needed to find your inner honk! Regardless, we hope these add a touch of Sky to enjoy inside and outside of the game. See you in the skies, and happy Days of Mischief!

PDF download for all masks here!

Click on the image below to download templates to use for jack-o-lanterns or other creations:

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