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Lending a Hand in Days of Nature 2022


As communities around the globe prepare to celebrate Earth Day this year, in Sky we’re also getting ready for an event that celebrates the restoration of our shared world. Starting at 00:00 April 18 and continuing through 23:59 May 1, 2022 (all times PDT, UTC-7), Days of Nature returns for players to come together and benefit life in the oceans within, and beyond, Sky. We celebrate this year with a new creature, a new way to collect Social Light, items to commemorate the occasion and raise funds for real-world ocean cleanup efforts, and a screenshot challenge. Read on for more details!

Exploring Days of Nature

Similar to last year’s Days of Nature, the event this year will also take place in the Sanctuary area of the Daylight Prairie level. Talk to a new Event Guide who will appear in Home, and you may notice some interesting spots in their Friendship Tree. One of these is a new item for in-game currency:

  • Nature Coral Crown Accessory: 20 Hearts

Lower on their Friendship Tree is also an icon you can use to teleport directly to the island of Sanctuary where the main activities will be taking place! Select the icon and you’ll instantly arrive on the shores of Sanctuary where the Event Guide will be waiting. (Don’t forget, the Season Guide also has a similar feature in their Friendship Tree that will teleport players immediately to the current Season location, too!)

In this area of Sanctuary, a new Light creature emerges periodically from the deep waters offshore to seek help from Sky children. Those who come to its aid when it appears will be rewarded with Light in return. While the creature swims through the waters of Sanctuary, it will emit a new source of Social Light that players can also collect, up to a certain amount each day. This creature is now a resident in Sanctuary, so players can continue to visit it after Days of Nature ends.

Event & Charity Items

Two new items will also be available in the in-game shop during the event. A new themed cape pays homage to the Light creature in Sanctuary, while a special charity pack will be offered as a fundraiser:

  • Nature Turtle Cape: $14.99 (all prices USD)

  • Nature Turtle Pack (charity item): $19.99

We pledge to donate 100% of the net proceeds raised from the sale of the Nature Turtle Pack charity item to our charity partners in support of ocean cleanup efforts. As a token of our gratitude for helping the oceans that all life depends on, players who purchase the Nature Turtle Pack receive a turtle-themed shoulder accessory and 75 regular Candles. (For an update on the project the Sky community supported last year, see this video of an earlier conversation we had with The Ocean Cleanup about their work so far and some of their plans for their future work.)

For players interested in items from past years, those will be available too. Like in previous events, these can be found by talking to a Spirit—in this case, the Chill Sunbather Spirit who will appear on the same Sanctuary island as the Days of Nature Event Guide.

A little differently this time, though, the Chill Sunbather will also appear periodically, arriving during the same time that the new Light creature is also present (perhaps hoping for a glimpse of them as they pass by).

Players who prefer to purchase these past items should be sure to talk to this Spirit on the island while the Creature is visiting. We pledge to donate 50% percent of the net proceeds from returning Days of Nature IAP to our charity partners in support of ocean cleanup efforts.

  • Ocean Cape: $14.99

  • Ocean Necklace: $1.99

  • Earth Cape: $4.99

As always, spells to try event items for free will be available from the Sleepy Traveling Merchant’s boat in Home. For previews of returning items, you can refer to last year’s blog post here.

Jump In With a Screenshot Challenge!

The Days of Nature celebrations won’t be contained only to the game, though! We’ll be kicking off the event with a screenshot challenge—from 12:00 noon April 18 through 12:00 noon April 21 Pacific time (UTC-7), take a screenshot in the new event area, or using any of the event items and post them on Twitter or Instagram with the hashtag #SkyDoNChallenge, or in special threads on Discord and Facebook that open once the challenge begins.

Entries can include friends, but they must feature your own Sky character to be counted. Image galleries and subtle filters are acceptable, but edits should be kept to a minimum. Please note that only one entry will be counted per person, and prizes cannot be transferred to others.

Each winner will receive the Nature Turtle Cape. Four winners will be randomly selected, and one winner will be selected by the thatgamecompany team based on creativity, storytelling, and quality of execution. Winners can expect to be contacted and announced by the end of April 28. Good luck!

We’re moved to see our community aspire to leave a positive mark not only in Sky for fellow players, but also in the world we all live in. From lofty skies to deep blue waters, we hope this year's Days of Nature is an occasion for us all to come together and help make our shared planet a better place. We’ll see you in the skies!

Edit: (2022.4.13) This article has been updated with a link to more information about The Ocean Cleanup efforts supported in last year's Days of Nature event.

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