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Launch Update: Days of Rainbow


Days of Rainbow is back! Join us for a special celebration of diversity and hope, featuring brand new charity partners and colorful game items for players to express themselves in Sky.

Event begins on June 14th 00:00 PDT (UTC-7) and runs until June 27th 23:59 PDT (UTC-7).

Celebrate Days of Rainbow

Sky is a world of vibrant colors and varied places, just like the Sky kids who dream of a better tomorrow where we all soar together. During Days of Rainbow, players can look forward to new themed cosmetics, spells, Daily Quests, and a celebration of whichever color of light you shine.

The daily rainbow changes its location each day; follow the rainbow to the large candle stack at the end. The Rainbow Spirit awaits you with multicolored gifts in Home space! You’ll be able to grab a new cape, braid accessory, and Colored Trail spells that let you paint colors across the sky.

There are two Rainbow accessories available in the in-game Sky Store, as well: the Rainbow Flower and Rainbow Hat. One hundred percent of net proceeds from purchases of the Rainbow Pack, which includes the Rainbow Flower and 75 candles, will go towards our newest charity partners, whom we will announce as Days of Rainbow draws to a close.

Days of Rainbow TL;DR: Where are the items?

  • Find the big candle stack at the end of the Daily Rainbow.

  • Speak with the Days of Rainbow Guide in Home to obtain new items: Colored Trail spells, Rainbow Cape, and Rainbow Braid Accessory.

  • The Rainbow Flower and Rainbow Hat can be found in the game’s main Shop menu during Days of Rainbow. Take a look below for more details!

Days of Rainbow Event Items

100% of the NET proceeds (the money we receive after fees from Apple and Google) from the Rainbow Flower will go to charities supporting diversity, equality and global unity. After the event we'll do a round up on the final donation amounts and detail the projects that your support is helping fund, so stay tuned!

You might notice this approach is similar to how we collaborated with Doctors Without Borders last year. This approach of focusing the charity component on one item means we can pass all of the revenue we receive from that item on to the charity, making it more of a pure donation on your part.

Days of Rainbow includes a mix of items available for you to collect. Head to the Shop to support our newest Charity partners by purchasing the Rainbow Flower and the cutest Rainbow beanie you’ve ever seen.

While exploring the world of Sky, make sure to save up your candles and hearts for the rainbow-themed cape, braid accessory, and rainbow colored trails!

Charity Item - Rainbow Pack - $20 (incl Rainbow Flower and 75 candles)

This beautiful rainbow flower comes bundled with a stack of candles and 100% of the net proceeds will go to charity. Check the game’s Shop menu to purchase this item to add a burst of color to your outfit while supporting worthy charities.

Rainbow Hat - $10

This comfy beanie-style hat is sure to brighten your day, and can be found in the main Shop menu. Sky-couture at its shaggiest.

Rainbow Braid Accessory - 20 Hearts

Chat with the Rainbow Guide to obtain this adorable Rainbow Braid hair accessory.

Rainbow Cape - 175 Candles

This iridescent cape can be found in the Rainbow Guide’s Friendship Constellation.

Colored Trail Spells - 5 to 10 Candles

Paint Sky with beautiful colors wherever you go! These spells grant you the ability to temporarily color your flight trails as you soar through the clouds.

Try Out the New Items for Free

If you’d like to try out the items from this event before purchasing, head over to the Sleepy Traveling Merchant’s boat in Home for free spells.

We hope everyone finds joy in this event, and is able to add a little extra color to their Sky experience! Please tag your Days of Rainbow fanart and videos on social media with #thatskygame to share your creations with us. As always, we look forward to hearing the Sky community’s feedback on Discord and Social Media.

The charity partner summary was edited on 06/10/21.

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