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Launch Update: Days of Nature


Welcome to Days of Nature, Sky’s upcoming new in-game charity event benefiting marine life! For Earth Day this year, we’re proud to announce that we’ll be donating half of the net proceeds from our Earth Day items to charities focused on removing plastic from our oceans.

Days of Nature begins on April 19th PDT (UTC-7) with the daily reset (00:00), running for two weeks, and concludes on May 2nd PDT (UTC-7) at 23:59.

Celebrate Earth Day with Days of Nature

Last year we helped restore the forests, and for Earth Day this year, we’re looking to the ocean. Honoring the marine creatures which inspired Sky’s Light creatures, Days of Nature focuses on cleaning up the oceans in the real world.

Did you know there are 5 TRILLION pieces of plastic swirling in the oceans? In our research to figure out how to best help this cause, we were shocked to learn about how bad it really was. The biggest collection of this pollution is called “The Great Pacific Garbage Patch” — and if that name sounds scary, it should. It covers over 1.6 million square kilometers, and is not only devastating to ocean life, but is breaking down into harmful micro-plastic that makes its way into the food chain.

To support charities that work hard to reduce plastic waste in the world’s oceans, two new Ocean items will be available for sale in-game, with half of the net proceeds to be donated. Please stay tuned to our social media pages once Days of Nature concludes — we’ll share an update with the final amount raised, along with specific details of the charity it will benefit, and links to their projects. You can check out details from last year’s charity events here.

Once the event begins, the new Ocean Cape and Ocean Necklace can be found in the game’s Shop menu. Make sure to visit the Secret Area for last year’s Earth Day item, which is making a return due to popular demand.

Players can also help with some beach cleanup of their own in Sky! During the event, you can earn Light every day by cleaning up the Darkness pollution in Sanctuary Islands. Find the geyser that’s been polluted and earn Light by burning away the Darkness that periodically scatters from the fountain of water. The polluted geysers will remain a permanent fixture in the isles of Daylight Prairie, but catching the timed event during Days of Nature will be the most rewarding.

In-App Items for Charity

Make sure to stop by the boat in Home to grab some free spells to try on these ocean-inspired cosmetics once Days of Nature starts!

Ocean Necklace - $2

Show off your support for the world’s oceans and marine life with this shell-inspired cosmetic. The Ocean Necklace will be available in Sky’s Shop menu for the duration of Days of Nature.

Ocean Cape - $15

This wave-inspired cape can also be found in the Shop menu. This stylish garb is the perfect complement for your best blue and aquatic-themed looks — sure to carry you through the currents in style!

Earth Cape - $5 (Returning to Benefit Marine Life)

Returning from last year’s Days of Nature charity event benefiting One Tree Planted, this green cape with sproutling details will be available for in-app purchase in the Secret Area. If you missed last year’s event and want to snag an Earth Cape of your own, travel to the ground floor in Vault of Knowledge to find the hidden entrance, which will be open to all for the duration of the event.

As with this year’s other charity items, half of the net proceeds from the Earth Cape will go towards cleaning up our oceans.

Taking the Next Step

While cleaning up one of Sky’s beaches can be fun, we’d also love to encourage players to be environmentally conscientious outside of the game as well. Here are some starter tips on how you can help the environment in your everyday life, but we encourage you to take the next step and research how to get involved in your local community:

  • Pick up litter and dispose of it properly. This is a relatively easy way to keep trash from affecting local habitats and wildlife populations, even in cities!

  • Reduce waste by avoiding single-use plastics as much as possible. This can be as simple as taking a reusable grocery bag with you to the store instead of using the disposable plastic bags.

  • Recycle and reuse items when possible. Lots of things can be repurposed in fun ways — check social media apps like TikTok and Instagram for some DIY inspiration!

  • When you’re hiking, visiting a beach, or otherwise spending time in nature, respect the habitat and try to disturb it as little as possible.

  • Support sustainable fishing. There are organizations such as the Marine Stewardship Council and Aquaculture Stewardship Council that work hard to help encourage sustainable practices — you can find their icon on seafood labels from companies that meet their criteria.

We hope everyone enjoys this event! We can’t wait to see the impact we can make with Days of Nature this year.

Please don’t forget to tag your Days of Nature fanart and videos on social media with #thatskygame to share your creations with us. As always, we look forward to hearing the Sky community’s feedback on Discord and social media.

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