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Launch Update: Days of Feast


Winter has arrived in the kingdom of Sky and you’re cordially invited to help us celebrate! Join us for two weeks of merrymaking — with a return of the beloved ice-skating rink in Home, the addition of festive decor in the Secret level, and various holiday-themed items available for in-game currency or in the in-game shop.   Days of Feast begins with the daily reset on December 21st at 00:00 PST (UTC-8), running for two weeks until 23:59 PST (UTC-8) January 3rd.  


Prepare to don your holiday apparel in Sky! With many new winter-themed cosmetics, accessories, and props added this year, players will have many options to choose from to build their perfect holiday outfit.   As with all of our holiday-related mini-events, our intention is to make this event inclusive for all types of players. We wanted to design several kinds of items in order to offer more variety in the available options. While many players may not want or be able to obtain all items during this event, it’s our hope that there might be something for everyone to express themselves this year.

Players can check out the holiday decorations by visiting the ‘Secret’ area on the ground floor of the Vault of Knowledge realm, where a friendly spirit will await to swift you and your friends through the barrier to join in on the celebrations in the Office. Don’t forget to check the daily quests before making your trip! There will be some Days of Feasts quests you can complete for regular candles.   During the duration of this event, a Days of Feast spirit in the Secret area will appear with a friendship tree full of festive items that will cost in-game currency. Please note that these specific Days of Feast items for in-game currency will only be accessible by interacting with the friendship tree of the spirit in the Secret level.   Here’s what items will be available for regular candles and hearts:

  Days of Feast Cape - 65 Candles

This “fur” lined red cape is sure to keep you warm when you show off your coolest tricks on the ice-skating rink. Grab a cape of your own for 65 candles.

Feast Necktie -15 Hearts

 Flaunt festivity with the Feast Necktie — a delicate holly neck slot item that you can exchange for 15 hearts.

Days of Feast Table - 150 Candles  

This premium prop works just like a chat bench, allowing players to sit and chat with each other in style. You can snag your own Days of Feast table from the Days of Feast staff spirit for 150 candles.


  Days of Feast Horn - $14.99 (available Dec 21-Jan 3)  

These antlers are sure to add a touch of whimsy to your ensemble. The Days of Feast Horn will be available for in-app purchase starting on December 21st at 00:00 PST (UTC-8) until 23:59 PST (UTC-8) on January 3rd.

Snowflake Cape - $14.99 (available Dec 28-Jan 3)  

This icy blue cape, complete with delicate snowflake ‘stars’ and floating snowball pom poms, will have limited availability during this event in-app purchase this year. Players can complete their outfit with a Snowflake Cape of their own starting on December 28th at 00:00 PST (UTC-8), and will be available in the in-app shop until 23:59 PST (UTC-8) on January 3rd.   Please mark your calendars accordingly, as this special Snowflake Cape isn’t available during the whole Days of Feast event.

Days of Feast Hat with 25 Regular Candles - $6.99 (available Dec 21-Jan 3)  

Returning from last year is the Days of Feast Hat, which will be available for in-app purchase combined with a candle pack during the whole duration of the event.


  Try Days of Feast Items for Free

While enjoying the icy makeover in Home, make sure to visit Sleepy Traveler’s Boat in Home to claim your spells once the event starts! Players will also be eligible to receive free spells of some of the new Days of Feast items to try out the new cosmetics, so don’t miss out.   Sleepy Traveler’s boat returns with the following free spells:

  • 2x Days of Feast Table

  • 2x Days of Feast Cape

  • 2x Days of Feast Horn

  • 2x Days of Feast Hat

  • 2x Feast Neck Tie

  • 2x Snowflake Cape (Dec 28-Jan 3)  

Double Treasure Candle Event

Prepare to boost your candle stash with a Double Treasure Candle event. Starting at 00:00 PST on December 21st with the start of Days of Feast, enjoy twice as many treasure candle clusters scattered across one realm each day. Can you find all eight?  

New Year’s Celebration

Usher in the new year with your friends in Sky on New Year’s Eve, with in-game fireworks in Home every hour for 5 minutes. The light show begins starting at 03:00 PST (UTC-8) on December 31st (00:00 for Tonga (earliest new year)); and ends at 04:00 PST (UTC-8) on January 1st, 2021 (00:00 for Howland Island (latest new year)). Happy new year, Sky kids!

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