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Kicking off Days of Fortune 2023


The first event of the new year in Sky is almost here as Days of Fortune gets ready to return! Starting on January 20th, it’s time to celebrate with fireworks, dance with friendly faces, and express your inner rabbit.

From 00:00 January 20th through 23:59 February 2nd, Home is the center of the party. A Spirit from the Season of Gratitude heralds the return of a group of Spirits. Each day during the first week, the group of Spirits from Season of Enchantment will arrive one by one. Join them on the pier that will appear in Home to watch a special fireworks show that will display every hour!

At the end of each show, keep an eye out for the appearance of a particular felicitous figure known to circle around Home to give Sky children some colorful ways to gather Light. While the Spirits will have to gradually leave during the second week of the event, the felicitous figure will keep the party going until the event ends.

Home won’t be the only place for the festivities. New this year, Spirits in all of Sky’s realms will take part in the event, too: Relive a Spirit’s memory, and they’ll give you a gift of Light in return! The gate to the Secret Area accessible from the ground floor of Vault of Knowledge will be opened for everyone to enjoy the decorated space and themed spells, not to mention an extra rink for games and skating moves.

For players who want to gift something special to friends, there’s the Fortune Gift Envelope! This will be in the Friendship Trees of friends you’ve unlocked the carry interaction with, and allows you to gift 5 Hearts using 14 Candles. The Fortune Gift Envelope can be given once a day per person, like regular Heart gifts.

(The Fortune Gift Envelope feature requires manual enabling, so it will become available at approximately 00:00 January 20th until approximately 23:59 February 2nd.)

Several new items are also adding their own style to the event. Check in with the event guide Spirit wearing the deer mask to see the new item the offer for in-game currency:

  • Days of Fortune Rabbit Mask: 62 Candles

Themed IAP for this year reflect a more artistic side of Days of Fortune. These can be found in the in-game shop in the main menu:

  • Days of Fortune Muralist's Smock: $9.99 (all prices USD)

  • Days of Fortune Enchanted Umbrella: $14.99

Several new spells are being added to the usual assortment, including special themed fireworks in the shape of three different Sky creatures—find these next to the event guide in Home!

  • Days of Fortune fireworks spells: 5 Candles

Other spells for the event are the Lantern Message Boat and Snowball Spell, both available in the Secret Area!

For players who have waited for items from previous years, older Days of Fortune cosmetics will be an option, too. The event guide in Home will offer returning animal-themed masks, or talk to Spirits in the Secret Area who offer IAP from 2021 and 2022!

For a list of the various returning items, from the Orange accessory to the Fish pack, see our 0.20.0 patch notes. As always, free trial spells of all in-game currency and IAP cosmetics will be on hand from the Sleepy Traveling Merchant in Home and in the Secret Area accessible from Vault of Knowledge.

Days of Fortune will continue until 23:59 on February 2nd. Whether you celebrate with the crackle and popping of fireworks, dances with Spirits and friends, or a bit of shared Light, we hope the event is a fitting party to start a year of memories made and friends met. We’ll see you in the skies!

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