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Join the Musical Voyage: Season of AURORA Concert Premieres December 8th!


Music guides players throughout their adventures in Sky, and we’re excited to share that Sky’s music will soon take millions of players on an experience unlike any other. On December 8th following a special appearance at The Game Awards, the Season of Aurora concert premieres at 20:30 PST!

Connect Through a Musical Voyage

Norwegian music artist AURORA first lent her vocals to Sky with the game’s release, and during the Season of AURORA Sky children have experienced her songs and stories in Seasonal Quests. Now those songs will transform you to go deeper into the light, and the dark, of Sky’s past. 

As the start time approaches, enter the specially redesigned Coliseum, where new features we’ve developed especially for the event allow 4000 players to gather on the same screen, at the same time. Songs including “Exhale Inhale,” “Runaway,” and “Warrior'' will connect you with countless others as they transport you far beyond the arena walls.

The concert experience isn’t limited to the performance, either. There’s plenty to do in the Coliseum before and after the show! Learn songs with in-game instruments or team up with Spirits for a jam session (all skill levels encouraged)! Meet friendly Dark Crabs offering a tour, or find a serene sound bath where AURORA herself will guide you in restorative relaxation.

To say much more would spoil the experience, so we invite all players to join us for an event unparalleled by any other in a game—and everyone is welcome! No tickets, purchases, or even minimum game progress is needed.

The AURORA concert starts on December 8th at 20:30, then every four hours daily beginning at 00:00 December 9th (00:00, 04:00, 08:00, 12:00, 16:00, and 20:00). The final performance will be at 00:00 January 2, 2023.

Several hours before each concert begins, simply approach the AURORA Guide in Home or head to the Coliseum to reserve your seat!

Souvenirs of the Experience

For this collaboration we’re also bringing a variety of souvenirs to choose from to celebrate the occasion.

In the merchant’s corner of the Coliseum, a music box provides some background music—and also a link for mobile devices to Apple Music, which will offer an  album featuring the AURORA concert set list, including exclusive tracks from Sky’s concert and the sound bath. For those interested, Apple Music will also have a free trial period of up to two months, too!

Several new concert-themed collaboration IAPs will also be added. The Giving In Cape and To the Love Outfit will be in the Coliseum from 17:00 December 8, during the countdown to the concert’s debut. For music enthusiasts, find the Voice of AURORA instrument in the in-game shop, with audio featuring AURORA’s actual voice.

We’re also excited to be able to offer the Wings of AURORA cape. While the concert will be available until the Season collaboration comes to an end on January 2nd, this cape gives the player who wears it the ability to access the full concert, even after January 2nd, and to bring friends they’re holding hands with, too. The option to replay the concert will be enabled in the expression menu while in the Coliseum. The cape can be purchased in the Coliseum after completing the first four Seasonal Quests and attending the concert. (After the Season of AURORA ends, when using this cape the concert can be revisited on the same schedule as it will be held during the Season.)

  • To the Love Outfit: $9.99 (all prices USD)

  • Giving In Cape: $14.99

  • Voice of AURORA: $14.99

  • Wings of AURORA: $24.99

Free trial spells can be found in the Coliseum for all new collaboration IAPs.

Some limited collaboration items can be unlocked with in-game currency, too—no Season Pass or other purchase required! During the Season, complete all Seasonal Quests and attend the concert to access these from the AURORA Guide’s Friendship Tree.

  • Cure For Me Mask: 50 Candles

  • Cure For Me Outfit: 200 Candles

All AURORA collaboration IAP and in-game currency items are offered until the Season ends at 02:00 January 2, 2023. Please note that since all these are part of a limited collaboration, they will not be available once the Season is over and are not scheduled to return in future years. All other items in the AURORA Guide’s Friendship Tree, such as the music sheets and emotes, will remain after the Season ends.

A Place We’re All Stronger Together

To follow the countdown and learn more about AURORA, head to www.thatskyconcert.com! Stay tuned to our social channels too, and be sure to catch us on The Game Awards on December 8th for a special appearance ahead of the premiere. Once the concert opens to all, share your favorite moments with us using the hashtag #thatskyconcert!

Lighting a stranger’s candle, taking a new friend’s hand, soaring with fellow players—all these connections are at the heart of Sky. Beginning December 8th, come be inspired by song, story, and a breathtaking shared experience. We’ll see you in the skies, and at the concert!

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