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Introducing Player-Run Sky Assemblies


We shine brighter together!

When we came up with the idea for Sky Assemblies, one of our primary motivations was to empower passionate Sky players to build experiences for others in their local communities, in hopes of creating opportunities for the sort of meaningful, uplifting connection that we see every day in Sky.

After months spent looking over hundreds of applications and meeting with interested players, we are excited to announce our first four player-run Sky Assemblies events, which will take place in the coming weeks! Find information about activities, locations, and dates below—all times local.

New York

  • Waypoint Cafe

  • August 27, 2 PM to 6 PM

  • Activities:

    • Sky music lessons

    • Valley of Triumph speed challenges

    • Guided exploration

    • Scavenger hunt

    • Screenshot sharing

    • Sky Trivia

    • A mysterious activity we call “crab art”

  • This event will not be filmed or livestreamed, but pictures may be taken

  • No attendance fee

6 Sky children getting ready to enter a cafe in New York City


  • Águas Claras Parque

    • Av. das Castanheiras - Águas Claras, Brasília - DF,

    • Ponto de Encontro – Ao lado da Administração do Parque

  • August 20, 8 AM to 2 PM

  • Activities:

    • Crab Workshop

    • Valley of Triumph and Eye of Eden speed challenges

    • Treasure Hunt

    • Origami flying cape

    • Origami cape race

    • Sky Quiz

    • Sky Assembly Talent Show

    • Special giveaway

  • This event will not be filmed or livestreamed, but pictures may be taken

  • No attendance fee

  • More information: www.facebook.com/groups/skyfilhosdaluz

2 Sky children flying in the evening Sky for the 2022 Brazil Sky Assembly
Several benches placed in a circle underneath trees in a park


  • The Mines

  • August 28 (Time TBD - more information to come in the fan group linked below)

  • Activities:

    • Season of Prophecy Trials Challenges

    • Screenshot show Off

    • Sky charades

    • Cosmetics quiz

    • Sky origami

  • This event will not be filmed or livestreamed, but pictures may be taken

  • No attendance fee, although donations are accepted and appreciated

  • More information: www.facebook.com/groups/2439484093029433

Two Sky children outside the location for the 2022 Malaysia Sky Assembly


  • Städlin

  • September 4, 11 AM to 5 PM

  • Activities:

    • Welcome snacks and beverages

    • Origami flying cape

    • Origami cape race

    • Spin the wheel

    • Cosmetics quiz

    • Mime game

    • Sky Assembly orchestra

    • Hide and seek

  • This event will not be filmed or livestreamed, but pictures may be taken

  • This event may require a participation fee. Please click the link below for more information.

  • More information: linktr.ee/skychildrenita

8/12: Information updated with new venue name.

A sample of colorful Sky-themed stickers showing emotes, Sky kid interactions, and reactions

We continue to monitor the COVID situation in all areas with Sky Assemblies events in order to ensure that we comply with local regulations and provide the safest experiences possible. You can do your part by masking up indoors when not eating or drinking, and regularly sanitizing your hands. Attendees will be required to sign liability waivers.

If you applied to host a Sky Assembly before and weren’t selected for our first round of host candidate interviews, watch your email inbox! We’re going to begin reaching out as we look to other potential hosts. We plan to continue to build our Sky Assembly host group, but at a rate that’s safe and ensures a positive Sky experience for all attendees.

For more information about opportunities to get involved with Sky Assemblies, whether as a host or guest, watch our official Sky social media channels for updates!

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