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Felicitous Friends and More for Days of Fortune 2024

January 23 2024

Do you hear that? Maybe you’re already tapping your feet, or maybe you’ve only heard stories about it and have been waiting to finally experience it in person. That’s right—the best dance track known to Sky kids everywhere is about to come back as Days of Fortune 2024 approaches, with familiar friends and new features for the party!

From January 29th through February 11th PST (UTC -8), the action is in Valley of Triumph. Talk to the event guide Spirit in Aviary Village to teleport to the center of the festivities, or head directly to the social area there to pick up a bit of Social Light and meet a group of Spirits who are back to say hello during the event. Another familiar presence will show up at the top of every hour, too: a felicitous flying dragon appears, bringing the best beats in Sky, some pyrotechnic Light, and a friendly race for Spirits and Sky kids.

At the countdown, join players from across the game servers to race towards the ice rink with the felicitous dragon. Revel in twilight hues as night falls across the area—the perfect backdrop for a party’s worth of fireworks and Light that the dragon will share.

Need some more of that dragon energy in between those hourly appearances? We got a spell for that. Back in the Valley’s social area, a platform offers free spells that give players a dragon costume for a limited time. Find other Sky kids wearing this dragon costume and you can form a train of up to eight players (and before you ask, oh yes, the spell stays active even in other levels).

The social area is also where you’ll find coin-shaped Days of Fortune event currency. Five can be found each day: Four placed around the social area, and one from interacting with the Spirits there. Use these to unlock new IGC (in-game currency) items:

  • Fortune Dragon Mask: 14 event currency

  • Fortune Drum: 34 event currency

To keep the dragon theme of the event going, several new IAP will be on offer:

  • Days of Fortune Dragon Bangles earrings: $1.99

  • Days of Fortune Dragon Vestment outfit: $9.99

  • Days of Fortune Dragon Stole cape: $14.99

IGC and IAP event items from all previous years will return, too. The full list is on our patch notes page.

Where can these items be found? Well, new and returning IGC items can be unlocked in the event guide’s Friendship Tree. New IAP are available in the in-game shop menu, while returning IAP are offered in the event shop in Aviary Village. As always, free trial spells for all items (and more) can be found in the Valley of Triumph social area and the event shop in Aviary Village.

Along with updates to Days of Fortune, we’re bringing back favorite event elements from past years, too. Home and the Secret Area accessible from the ground floor of Vault of Knowledge keep their snow and ice, and the Secret Area is open for everyone to enter and enjoy the snowy scenery.

The Fortune Gift Envelope will also be available to give your friends. This allows you to use 14 Candles to gift 5 Hearts to a friend in person; the node for it will be in the Friendship Trees for anyone with whom you’ve unlocked the carry (piggyback) interaction. The Fortune Gift Envelope can be given once a day per person, like regular Heart gifts. It can be given in addition to regular Heart gifts, too.

(Note: the Fortune Gift Envelope feature requires manual enabling, which means it will be available from approximately 00:00 on the day Days of Fortune begins until approximately 23:59 the day the event ends. Thank you for your understanding!)

Days of Fortune runs from 00:00 January 29th until 23:59 February 11th PST (UTC -8), and content is available to all players who have at least started the 4th Hopeful Steward quest in Aviary Village and reached the Valley of Triumph. Gather with familiar faces, meet new friends, and boogie to one of the best songs you’ll hear in the realms—we’ll see you in the skies!

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