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Event Preview: Days of Summer & Days of Summer Lights


Summer is the perfect time to relax and have fun during easy, breezy afternoons with friends. This year we’re excited to bring some of that summertime splendor with two events. The first is our new Days of Summer event. For two weeks from August 12 (00:00 PDT, UTC -7) through August 25 (11:59pm PDT), Home will make space for a beach with new opportunities to gather Light, and a visiting Guide Spirit brings a variety of summer souvenirs for every player. After the beach festivities end and the Guide Spirit departs, the event space will be in intermission until the return of Days of Summer Lights from last year, which will run from September 20 (00:00 PDT) through October 3 (11:59pm PDT). Read on for a peek of what we have in store for each occasion!

Days of Summer: August 12 through 25

If you’d rather unwind on the beach than work up a sweat on candle runs, you can stroll along the shore to spot seashells, which players can burn away and earn more Light. Circle ‘round a bonfire to share scary stories about Dark Dragons, and to collect up to a certain amount of Light each day to forge into candles, too.

Event Items

Summer Umbrella: $19.99

This cheerful umbrella adds a bit of summer flair to your Sky ensemble and a touch of sunshine to your travels. It comes with 35 seasonal candles, too.

Summer Shell Hair Pin: $0.99

A shell accessory allows you to get into the summer spirit and while still rocking your go-to outfit.

Summer Hat: 44 Candles

Wear this straw hat on a pleasant summer stroll (or while dodging Dark Crabs in Golden Wasteland). Check in with the Summer Guide at Home to find it in their Spirit Friendship Tree.

Double Deck Chairs: 16 Hearts

Settle in for a lazy afternoon with a friend with a pair of deck chairs. This prop can also be found from the Summer Guide.

Beach Ball Spells: 5 Candles

What beach is complete without a beach ball? Beach ball spells can be obtained from the spell shop every day of this event so you can be ready whenever it’s time for a game with your friends. And if you can’t get enough beach ball fun before Days of Summer finishes, don’t worry—these spells will be available from the start of Days of Summer until the end of the Days of Summer Lights!

Don’t forget that you can pick up free spells to try out the umbrella and hair accessory from the spell shop in Home!

Props during Days of Summer and Days of Summer Lights

As we mentioned in an earlier blog post, we’ve looked at ways to offer a way to bring new props to everyone without requiring a wait between occasional events. Each Traveling Spirit that arrives across these two events will introduce a prop that can be enjoyed on the sea shore, in your Shared Space, or anywhere else you adventure with friends: a comfy beach recliner (20 candles), and a pipe for a bit of Golden Wasteland atmosphere wherever you go (20 candles), a small brazier to bring a little light to the scene (14 hearts), and a pair of wooden deck chairs to lounge in (45 candles). These props will remain in their Spirits’ trees even after Days of Summer and Days of Summer Lights conclude, so if you don’t have the chance to unlock these right away, the chance to do so will eventually come again!

Days of Summer Lights: September 20 through October 3

Over the two weeks from September 20 through October 3, players can share nostalgia over past summer days and anticipation for those to come with the return of Days of Summer Lights. The bonfire in Home will be lit once again for players to collect up to a certain amount of Light for their candle meters, growing in size during the second week for a grand hurrah to celebrate the time of year. The spell shop will continue to offer beach ball spells as well as spells to place themed message boats and try out this event's items for free.

Event Items

Days of Summer Lights Lantern: $19.99

This lantern prop returns from last year to cast light in dark places. While it won’t give an outsized advantage such as lighting candles, it can reveal the path forward in caves and tunnels, or perhaps add some flash to your favorite emote combos. This lantern comes with 35 regular candles.

Summer Lights Accessory: $2.99

Your favorite ‘do just might be at the top of the list of things that are better with bunnies.

Lotus Message Boat: 6 Candles

Why not share a note for your friends and fellow players using lotus-shaped message spells? Throughout this event all message boats will be transformed to resemble these flowers floating peacefully on the water.

We’ve been looking forward to sharing these new celebrations with everyone and hope that there will be something for every player to enjoy. And of course, we welcome the community’s feedback through social media and our official Discord server!

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