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Event Preview: Days of Rainbow 2021


Days of Rainbow is returning, and we wanted to give all of you a sneak peek at what’s coming in the 2021 version of Sky’s celebration of diversity, unity, and hope. This colorful event won't be arriving until June, but we're excited to see what the community thinks.

Chase the Rainbow

Rainbows represent the whole spectrum of color joining together on a path towards a better, brighter tomorrow. When we’re fortunate enough to see one in the world, it’s a reminder that the rains have passed, and we can look forward to clearer skies ahead.

Each day during the event, there will be a new rainbow to find somewhere in the game, with a daily quest prompting you to track it down. By finding the rainbow you’ll not only complete the quest, but you’ll get to collect the Light from a new stack of Treasure Candles waiting for you at the end.

Wear the Rainbow

The Art team has been hard at work to create some colorful new cosmetics for Days of Rainbow. Check out some of the items you can look forward to during the event:

This delicate rainbow flower hair piece comes paired with candles, and will be purchasable from the Shop Menu during this event.

Add a splash of color to any outfit with this rainbow accessory item.

You’ll want to strut the skies with this new iridescent rainbow cape.

Rainbow-shaped star patterns decorate the back of this colorful cape.

Color the Sky

Colored Trails are an all new way for players to take self-expression to the next level while soaring through the skies. This feature is still in-development at the moment, but here’s a glimpse to help you visualize what to expect:

We’ll have more information to share on this feature a bit later on, but everyone will be able to collect some of these trails from the Days of Rainbow Guide. We’re already excited to see what beautiful patterns players will draw in Sky’s skies with them.

Thank You!

We’re continuing to iterate on how our events look based on feedback from you all — from how our social wax systems work, to item pricing, to how we approach supporting charitable causes, and more. We offer sincere thanks for all of you who take the time to send us feedback across all of the various social media hubs, and encourage you to continue to do so.

Days of Rainbow is still in-development and will arrive on Beta servers in May. After receiving feedback from our hardworking Beta testers, we’re excited to share more details closer to the event’s launch in June. As ever, please remember that these preview blogs feature content and details that are subject to change before the event goes live.

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