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Days of Sunlight Gets Ready to Shine


Two Sky children and three Spirits at a campfire roast

Something new rustles among the trees. Venture into the dappled beams of Hidden Forest to meet the Spirits and creatures waiting for Sky children to join them during the game’s newest event. From 00:00 Monday August 22 until 23:59 Sunday September 11 (all times PDT, UTC -7), Days of Sunlight is a chance for Sky children to connect in the outdoors of Sky’s kingdom.

Within the Elevated Clearing of Hidden Forest, a group of baby jellyfish could use a helping hand as they prepare to head into the open for the first time. As they explore the world around them, meanwhile players can find familiar Spirits assembling nearby in the opening days of the event—some more punctual than others.

Some will be eager to share in making some music with you. Others might join you near a campfire that offers a tasty treat of roasted Light for those who gather around it. And perhaps a Spirit may give encouragement (or “encouragement”) as you try your hand at fishing in the waters close by!

In between jam sessions and fishing, players can also find several new items coming with this event:

  • Campfire Tent: 90 Candles

  • Jelly Shoulder Buddy: $2.99 (all prices USD)

  • Campfire Snack Kit: $19.99 (Comes with 35 Seasonal Candles. Please note that the Campfire Snack Kit does not generate Light to collect)

The IAP can be found in the in-game shop, and the Sunlight Guide Spirit will offer the Campfire Tent from their Friendship Tree. Free spells will be available to try all of these items as well. Find them near the pier that will be in the event area!

A Sky kid sits inside a tent as another sits on a chair with a campfire in the foreground

After the activity of Days of Sunlight ends, things take a turn to relaxed and cozy. Home will keep its laid back atmosphere for a couple weeks while a Double Seasonal Candle event takes place in the realms. From September 12 through September 25, Sky kids who drop into the daily realm can collect an extra Seasonal Candle each day.

Finally, in late September the bonfires are stoked for Lazy Days, beginning on 00:00 Monday September 26 and continuing through 23:59 Sunday Oct. 16. There’s no rushing or hurrying, just a warm fire in Home that will share its Light with Sky children—smaller amounts at the first, larger amounts later on.

While Days of Sunlight celebrates life in the kingdom of Sky, we know that some folks have wondered about items from a different event held in previous years, Days of Summer. Those older items will be available during Lazy Days for players who wish to purchase or unlock them.

An event guide Spirit will offer the returning in-game currency item:

  • Summer Hat: 44 Candles

(Placeables that originally came with Traveling Spirits during Days of Summer and Days of Summer Lights will remain with the Spirits who originally offered them, in the normal Traveling Spirit schedule that will not overlap with Days of Sunlight or Lazy Days.)

IAP from those previous events will be in the in-game shop, too. Their names may be a little different from what they were called when they first arrived, but otherwise they’re still the same!

  • Seashell Hairpin: $0.99

  • Bunny Accessory: $2.99

  • Lantern Pack: $19.99 (Comes with 35 regular Candles. Please note that the lantern item does not come with additional abilities such as lighting candles.)

  • Summer Parasol: $19.99 (comes with 35 Seasonal Candles)

Please note that Apple's announced price tier update may result in price changes occurring during the event. Please refer to the message sent to all players' inboxes for further details.

We’re excited to share an event that celebrates new experiences and familiar faces within the world of Sky. Be sure to share your thoughts about Days of Sunlight and Lazy Days in the feedback channels on our Discord server. Whether it’s on your way to a campfire, or floating among the trees with jellyfish friends, we’ll see you in the skies!

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