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Days of Mischief Launch Update


The spookiest time of the year is here! Get ready to celebrate Sky’s Halloween-themed event, Days of Mischief — arriving with the daily reset on October 22nd. Read on to learn more about what festivities await you this Halloween.

Party in the Secret Area

The Secret Area on the ground floor of Vault of Knowledge has received a spooky makeover and will be open for all adventurers to enjoy. Make sure to grab your friends and head on over to check out the Halloween decorations.   A word of caution: someone forgot to tell the Dark Dragons they weren’t invited, so take special care to dodge the krill!  

Mischief Witch Hat and Web Cape

Dress up in costume in-game with two new Halloween items, the Mischief Witch Hat and Mischief Web Cape. The hat crookedly perches on your head with playful charm, twisting and partially obscuring one eye. The cape pairs perfectly with the hat, its silvery, webbed design meant to complement the details of the Mischief Witch Hat.   The Mischief Witch Hat is $9.99USD and the Mischief Web Cape is $14.99USD, with both items available for purchase within the in-game Shop until the event concludes at 23:59 PST (UTC-8) on November 4th.

Mischief Catch Up Pack

Last year’s holiday items have returned! If you missed out on the previous Halloween event, they will be available for in-app purchase again in the Secret Area (ground floor in Vault of Knowledge) during the duration of this event.  

The Hungry Pumpkin Hat can be obtained for $11.99USD and the Spooky Bat Cape for $17.99USD. For players who haven’t purchased either cosmetic, both will appear together in a bundle combined with candles for $29.99USD.

Dress Up with Free Spells

The Sleepy Traveler’s boat will appear in Home again with free spell versions of all new and returning holiday cosmetics for all to enjoy. Make sure to claim your free spells to try out all of the Mischief Cosmetics before the event ends!  

A Very Scary Screenshot Challenge

To celebrate Halloween this year, we’re challenging Sky fans to a Days of Mischief Screenshot Challenge! We want to see your best Halloween outfits, most mischievous tricks, and spookiest Halloween-themed screenshots.   Once the event begins on Thursday, October 22nd PDT, you can enter the Screenshot Challenge by sharing your Halloween-themed screenshot on Twitter or Instagram with the hashtag #SkyMischief. Five lucky winners will be randomly selected to win a single Mischief cosmetic of their choice (Mischief Witch Hat, Mischief Web Cape, Spooky Bat Cape, or Hungry Pumpkin Head).

Entries must feature your own Sky character to be counted. Only one entry will be counted per person if multiple screenshots or entries are submitted. In the instance that a player has all four Mischief items and their name is drawn as a winner, we will randomly redraw a new name.  

Entries close in one week on October 29th at 23:59 PDT (UTC-7). Winners can expect to be contacted and announced by November 2nd.  

Best of luck to everyone! We're already looking forward to seeing everyone's screenshots.

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