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Days of Mischief 2023: Tricks and Transformations

October 18 2023

One Sky kid gives another a Dark Crab. Happy Days of Mischief!

Days of Mischief has evolved and grown over the years as different creatures and characters take the spotlight—ghostly staff, cranky cats, thrill rides on Dark Dragons. But this year the Dark Crabs are the ones demanding their due—and they’ve been waiting for Sky kids to arrive!

The caves of the Cackling Crab open on October 23rd for all players. Teleport there directly from the event guide Spirit who will appear in Home, or venture there on foot through the Secret Area accessible from the Vault of Knowledge. You can enjoy free potions (and some Light) from the cauldron, or fly up to enjoy the company of Dark Dragons and their roller coaster ride, cozy as ever. And if you enjoy cat curses, a nearby Spirit can help you out with that.

But all is not well. The Dark Crabs have instigated their own mischief—kidnapping Spirits and setting a number of tricks in place for Sky kids who go in after them.

Watch your step as you wander through their lair. A pair of ominous eyes is on the lookout as you gather Light, and two mazes will need careful traversing (or a bit of swimming) to make it through. In these nooks and crannies await other Spirits, extra Light to collect…and maybe an extra trick or two.

A Sky kid watching over the mayhem during Days of Mischief

Three Phases of Mischief

The Cackling Crab will transform each week of the 3-week event, as Spirits move around and even learn to play tricks of their own. This year it’s not just the trick spells or the cat curse to watch out for, either—from the second week onwards, speak to the wrong Spirit (or is it the right Spirit?) and you’ll find yourself suddenly transformed into the very creature Sky kids spend so much time shouting at: a Dark Crab.

(Note that unless you cancel the curse, you’re still affected by the crab curse until it wears off even if you leave the Days of Mischief area. Use that information however you like…)

In the third week of the event, you may notice more crabs than usual while you’re in the crab pit. Don’t be too alarmed though—these are your fellow players from across other servers, all of you transformed together into festive, crustaceous glory. Maybe it’s not so bad being a crab after all.

Event Currency

Event currency is shaped like little candies, and a total of six can be found each day:

  • 4 placed around the event area

  • 1 if you’re caught in the gaze of a particular ominously large crab in the event area

  • 1 if you’re cursed by a cranky feline or Spirit

Spells will also be available to convert Ascended Candles and Regular Candles for event currency, if needed to catch up. These spells are not necessary to unlock new IGC (in-game currency) items if a player participates in most of the event.

Two Sky kids surprising you, and a tasty (?) candy-shaped event currency

New and Returning Items

Use the event’s currency to unlock new in-game currency (IGC) cosmetics. These are offered by one of the Mischief Staff Spirits.

  • Mischief Goth Garment: 41 event currency

  • Mischief Crabkin Accessory: 24 event currency

  • Mischief Goth Boots: 16 event currency

New IAP items are in the in-game shop:

  • Mischief Crabula Mask: $2.99 (all prices USD)

  • Mischief Gossamer Cape: $14.99

  • Mischief Crabula Cloak: $14.99

For IAP and IGC items from 2022, talk to other Mischief Spirits to see what they have on hand.

  • Mischief Tufted Hair: 44 Candles

  • Feline Familiar Prop: $9.99

  • Cat Costume Pack: $19.99 (Includes cat-themed cape and mask)

To see the full list that includes items returning from 2021 and earlier, be sure to see the 0.23.0 patch notes!

Don’t forget, the Sleepy Traveling Merchant’s Boat in Home and the pumpkin hat spell shop in the Cackling Crab offer free trial spells for all returning IAP and IGC items—plus a variety of tricky spells, too, in exchange for Candles, Ascended Candles, or event currency.

Days of Mischief begins at 00:00 October 23rd PDT (UTC -7) and continues until 23:59 Sunday November 12th PST (UTC -8). Event content can be enjoyed by all players who have progressed to at least Vault of Knowledge, and who like to get into shenanigans every now and again. Flying with a cape or scurrying on four legs, we’ll see you at the Cackling Crab!

[Updated Oct. 27th]

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