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Days of Mischief 2022—The Cackling Crab is Back!


From far in the depths of Sky’s spookiest area, whispers once again recount the legend of a blood moon rising. On October 24, Days of Mischief returns to Sky for everyone to share their favorite tricks and learn new ways to surprise their fellow Sky children.

From 00:00 October 24 PDT (UTC -7) until 23:59 November 13 PST (UTC -8), the Cackling Crab returns for those ready to venture to its caverns. Join a friend to find the passageway in Vault of Knowledge that leads to the entrance of the Secret Area, where the gates are open for all to enter. Within that Secret Area waits a portal to a cavern full of wily creatures, festive spells, and nooks and crannies that may hold their own memorable encounters.

A steaming cauldron bubbles over with Light and a mishmash of spells that temporarily transform players. Use these spells to create a Days of Mischief look, or to end up in just the right size for exploring the passageways. Animal lovers in particular may appreciate a Dark Dragon willing to help out a Sky child ready to experience some twists and turns—but meanwhile, a cat wandering within the cave may react differently to someone who wanders too close.

Explore the event areas, and you’ll find other spells to use for fun and hijinx. The Dark Dragon Repellent and Crab Rock Trick spells return, joined by a new spell that players who like to lurk in Treasure Candles especially might appreciate: The Candle Trick spell. The Event Guide in the Cackling Crab will offer a new accessory for in-game currency, and two themed trinkets will also arrive in the in-game shop:

  • Mischief Tufted Hair: 44 Candles

  • Feline Familiar Prop: $9.99 (all prices USD)

    • Use this item as a quaint decoration…or perhaps something else…

  • Cat Costume Pack: $19.99 (includes a themed cape and mask)

We know that some players may prefer one or two items from the variety of cosmetics and props introduced during the past several years of the event, too. For those, seek the event Spirits who offer them in their Friendship Tree. Speak to the Mischief Guide Spirit for past in-game currency items, or one of several Staff Spirits waiting within the cave’s passageways.

From the Mischief Guide in the event area:

  • Mischief Withered Cape: 99 Candles

  • Mischief Witch Hair: 66 Candles

  • Mischief Spooky Dining Set: 33 Hearts

Free trial spells are available for all in-game currency and IAP items—chat with one of the Spirits waiting and wandering around the cauldron. Event spells are available both from the Sleepy Traveling Merchant’s boat in Home, or in the Cackling Crab:

  • Witch Hat Accessory Spell: 2 Candles—this hat spell can be worn with any hairstyle!

  • Crab Rock Trick Spell: 5 Candles (or free in event area)

  • Candle Trick Spell: 5 Candles (or free in the event area)

  • Dark Dragon Repellent Spell: 3 Ascended Candles (or 1 Ascended Candle in the event area)

For players who prefer to choose something from among the IAP items introduced over the years, check our patch notes for the list of what will be available. These will be offered by NPCs waiting in the tunnels of the Cackling Crab.

Whether sharing tricks with friends, catching that perfect moment in the skies above the cauldron, or discovering just what one cat can hold in store for Sky children, there are surprises and delights waiting for all players during this year’s Days of Mischief. See you in the skies!

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