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Create a Space Uniquely Yours in Season of Nesting

April 9 2024

Sky kids are a creative bunch, and the doors are about to open to a Season made just for that creativity. Starting on April 15th, Season of Nesting puts Sky kids front and center with a new location ready to be made into something truly special.

The Nesting Guide awaits players at the soon-to-open Nesting Workshop in Aviary Village. Head over to see the Seasonal items that can be unlocked—special display stands offer cosmetics and, especially, wood-crafted furniture and decor to use in your Nest and Shared Spaces…or perhaps in other environs for those who enjoy both interior and exterior design.

Season Pass holders will be able to unlock two Ultimate Gifts from the Nesting Guide, too: an outfit appropriate for a creative craftskid, and a special figurine that can both be used as a prop, and to switch outfits when you’re away from your closet. Pick any outfit items from your closet to display on the figurine. You can place the figurine anywhere from your Nest to your favorite realms, and Sky kids who pass by who also own the cosmetics the figurine is wearing can switch their outfits to match!

A Shared Space shrine in the workshop has also been set aside for you to set up in whatever style you want, or browse the workshop setups that other players have imagined.

Create Your Personal Nest

As for the Nesting Guide themselves, you’ll want to take on the Seasonal Quests they have for you—help them with the quests, and they’ll help you unlock your own personal Nest! This cozy spot will be yours to design however you like.

Add your favorites from the wooden seasonal furniture set to make a cozy nook, perfect for recovering from a busy day of Dark Dragon wrangling. Or perhaps you’ll make it into the perfect spot for a sculpture exhibit. Or maybe it’s where you’ll create the most chaotic jungle gym that Sky kids have ever seen outside of the Trial of Earth (hey, we don’t judge!).

Privacy settings allow you to welcome friends for a visit, too, so when you’re feeling social, throw a chill house party and show each other the designs and sculptures you’ve put together (or make them try out that chaotic jungle gym—like I said, we don’t judge).

And when you need a quieter break without all the honking, just set your Nest to private mode to watch a peaceful sunset over Aviary Village from your windows with your plants and plushies.

New Permanent Features

Players have asked for a version of Sky homes for a long time, and we wanted to bring them in with extra features that wouldn’t be limited to just one Season. So here are a couple things coming with Season of Nesting that you’ll be able to enjoy at your pace as you play the game.

Nesting Challenges

Nesting Challenges are a permanent addition to Sky and can be accessed once you start the third Seasonal Quest. There are three categories of challenges displayed on a board in the Nesting Workshop, each with their own tree. Once all challenges in a tree are completed, a unique interactive item becomes available to unlock for in-game currency.

Some challenges are focused on (appropriately enough) your Nest, while others can be done out in the realms. These are entirely separate from the Season, so they can be completed over time as you play the game in your style and on your own schedule!

Stone Furniture & Decor Set

Once the Nesting Workshop opens in Aviary Village, we’re introducing yet another permanent addition to Sky: a rotating selection of stone-made furniture and decor. We think the seasonal set of items is pretty spiffy, but having a range of options is fun too, so we wanted to make sure Sky kids had a choice of what to unlock for their Nests.

The stone furniture set contains more than 50 items, offered at the front counter of the Nesting Workshop. Since this set is a permanent addition to the game, items can be unlocked over time using a variety of in-game currency, similar to the cosmetics offered by the base game constellation Spirits.

Between this set and the seasonal items, you’re bound to find something that fits your Nest. But that said, if you eventually find yourself wanting something a little different than the items we’ve introduced in this news post…well, for now we’ll just say that this is a feature we have more plans for, so stay tuned for future updates!

A Place for You and Your Creativity

With so many new offerings to use in your Nest (and Shared Spaces, and maybe Eye of Eden picnics for the chaotically inclined), this Season offers all kinds of room for creative expression. The Nesting Guide, fellow Sky kids, and your imagination are inviting you to build something that is uniquely yours. On April 15th, take to the skies to make Season of Nesting your very own!

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