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Crafting Memorable Days of Nature Encounters


Happy Days of Nature, Adventurers! For nearly two weeks in Sky, you’ve lent aid to a turtle seeking your help, and perhaps even purchased the Nature Turtle Pack charity item to make a donation to support real-world ocean clean-up efforts. Although Days of Nature ends soon, we hope that players can carry the spirit of the event forward in ways that are meaningful to them.

Days of Nature Crafting Corner

Even though Sunday May 1 PDT is the final day of Days of Nature, even after it ends we wanted a way to mark the experience of the event: Welcoming a new creature to the Sanctuary islands, meeting and befriending other players, celebrating a shared commitment to restoring the environment inside and outside of Sky.

To commemorate these experiences and carry the heart of the event forward, we created a turtle accessory for April’s Crafting Corner to use outside of Sky. Interested in making your own? We also crafted a tutorial! Follow the link to a video that shows a step-by-step guide: https://youtu.be/bhaRn0fSyJY

There are plenty of ways to make your own Days of Nature souvenir, too—inspiration can be found above and beneath the waves, in the scenery of the coral or sunsets, from memories with the Event Guides, or in adventures shared with other Sky children. There’s no requirement to buy new materials, either: reuse leftovers from other projects, or repurpose an item that’s no longer in use. See what unique style you can create with what you already have!

This April’s Crafting Corner isn’t a contest, but if you make something we’d love to see it! Post it on Twitter or Instagram with the hashtag #AprilsCraftingCorner, in our fanart channel on Discord, or in our Facebook group.

Helping to Clean the Oceans

The appearance of a turtle for Days of Nature this year was no coincidence. The creature in Sky is affected by the Darkness that harms it, but sea turtles and countless other animals in our own ocean waters face a more serious threat: plastics and trash discarded by humans.

These animals are sickened when they mistake plastic bags for food, get entangled in old packaging or fishing gear, are caught in debris that litters nesting grounds, and are poisoned by broken-down microplastics that have entered the food chain.

Fortunately, there are organizations committed to removing this pollution from the oceans—the kind of organizations that the Nature Turtle Pack charity item will support. Though it’s a task to tackle on both the large scale and small scale, individual actions do make a difference:

  • Choose reusable bags instead of plastic bags when shopping.

  • Purchase fewer plastic items—the less that enters circulation, the less that can find its way to our waters.

  • Reduce the number of single-use items you use. Something that’s thrown away after a day of use can linger for decades or even centuries.

  • Volunteer with or organize groups in your area to clear litter from a section of a river, beach, or road.

Days of Nature continues until 23:59 Sunday May 1 PDT (UTC-7). Be sure to talk to the Event Spirits (one of whom appears at the same time as the turtle) for any event items you’re interested in! Whether in the light of a picturesque sunset, or with friends gathering to clear the Darkness affecting a beloved creature, we’ll see you in the skies!

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