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Cozy Festivities Arrive for Days of Feast 2022


The snows are about to roll in, Grandma’s about to take her favorite place in the snow hut again, and an elusive presence is on their way to help Sky kids celebrate the end of the year. Days of Feast 2022 is about to start!

New Traditions

From 00:00 December 19, 2022 until 23:59 January 8, 2023 (all times PST, UTC -8), a snowy tradition is back. This year in Valley of Triumph, the Village of Dreams and Hermit Valley are getting updates to invite players to gather for friendly competition, or perhaps something more chill.

In Hermit Valley, a new permanent race course allows you and a fellow player to satisfy that need for speed, or for Light (or both). Further down the slope in the Village of Dreams, Bearhug Hermit is also coming down from their usual spot periodically to observe the fun—or so we’ve been told.

They’ve even been known to leave footprints at times. But they may also have an allergy to lower elevations, so be careful if you stand too close to them when they sneeze. You never know what may happen…

Around the Village rinks are places added to fish for Light, or to enjoy a game of Skyball with some new equipment. What are the rules of Skyball, you ask? We checked with the Bearhug Hermit, who we heard is knowledgeable about those things, but they disappeared before we could get a clear answer, so we invite you to create your own style of game!

Returning Favorites

Closer to Home—which is to say, in Home—snow is in the forecast. Each week the skies of Home shift as a blizzard gradually rolls through before clearing away for bright skies. From phase to phase, gather Light skating along the ice with friends, or warming up by the fireplace in the snow hut once it opens to everyone.

When New Year's Eve comes around, Days of Feast also gives you a way to celebrate the arrival of the New Year together with companions from around the world. Every hour as 2023 begins across the world’s time zones, gather for a fireworks show in Home to mark the moment.

Fireworks begin at 02:00 December 31, 2022 (midnight January 1 for Kiribati) and continue until 04:00 January 1, 2023 (midnight January 1 for Howland Island).

And of course the Secret Area that can be accessed from Vault of Knowledge gets its awaited festive remake. It will be open to everyone, so head over with friends or bring a couple candles to make new ones and enjoy some games on the ice, or perhaps find the perfect place to play your favorite year-end songs with others.

Cozy Mementos

Interested in something to remember the event by? The Bearhug Hermit Event Spirit in Home offers new items:

  • Feast Goggles: 50 candles

  • Snowkid Prop: 120 candles

Meanwhile, these will be in the in-game shop:

  • Tournament Skyball Set: $14.99

  • Cozy Hermit Cape: $14.99

Free trial spells for the goggles, prop, and cape can be picked up at the Sleepy Traveling Merchant’s boat in Home.

A free version of the Tournament Skyball Set is set up in the Secret Area for all players to enjoy during Days of Feast, and the Skyball Set Spell will be permanently offered in the Village of Dreams, too:

  • Skyball Set Spell: 2 Candles

All items previously offered in the past three years of Days of Feast will be available for players who prefer to opt for a returning item. They can be found by checking with Event Spirits and locations in Home and the Secret Area. To see what those items will be, check out the patch notes for 0.19.5 (there will be free spells to try them out as well)!

Join the celebration to mark the start of a new year together with friends, no matter if they’re nearby or far away. Thank you everyone for flying alongside us in Sky in 2022, and we wish you the best for a peaceful and happy 2023!

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