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Celebrating Days of Rainbow 2022


Bright, vivid colors return overhead as we prepare to welcome Days of Rainbow! From June 30th through 23:59 July 13th (all times PDT, UTC-7), join Event Guide Spirits and fellow players to celebrate the brilliant mosaic that brings life to the world of Sky.

Beginning at 00:00 on Thursday June 30th, wander over to Home to find two Event Spirits who have come to marvel at a new rainbow appearing in the space. Venture close enough to it and you may find your flight trail temporarily takes on dazzling new hues. It will even provide up to a certain amount of Social Light each day. Beyond Home, daily quests will invite players to seek rainbows in a different realm each day.

Meanwhile, greet the Event Guides to see what themed items they’ll offer in their trees, or check in the in-game shop for what’s available. Mementos for the occasion include an earring accessory, stylized headphones, and a new twist on a familiar pair of trousers. In the shop we’re also offering a special charity pack. We pledge to donate 100% of the net proceeds from the Double Rainbow Pack to charity efforts committed to diversity.

  • Rainbow Trousers: 95 Candles

  • Rainbow Earring: $2.99

  • Rainbow Headphones: $9.99

  • Double Rainbow Pack (charity item): $9.99

    100% of net proceeds from the sale of this item will be donated to charity. As a token of our thanks, the Double Rainbow Pack includes a small rainbow-colored flower accessory and 40 regular Candles.

4 Sky children together wearing rainbow-themed items

Items from last year’s Days of Rainbow event will return as well! Players who prefer these will be able to unlock them in the Event Guides’ Friendship Trees:

  • Rainbow Cape: 175 Candles

  • Rainbow Braid Accessory: 20 Hearts

  • Rainbow Hat: $9.99

And of course, there will be Colored Trail spells a-plenty—find them in the Spell Shop for 5 Candles each. Players can also pick up free spells to try out all the event outfit items, too!

Put on your comfiest cape, grab a friend, or make a new one as you soar through glowing rainbows—everyone is welcome as we celebrate all the colors that bring vibrant life to the realms we share. We’ll see you in the skies!

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