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Build Together with Season of Revival

October 10 2023

In a forgotten corner of the kingdom stand the ruins of Aviary Village, a town that once flourished. Now, the time has come to bring it back to life! Join the Season of Revival to rebuild a new area steeped in Sky’s history, and transform it into a thriving town center once again for Spirits and Sky children alike.

Building Towards the Future

In a Developer Update we released earlier this year, we mentioned how fond we are of the sort of festivals we see in different parts of the world. We love the bright lights, delicious food, and charming little shopping locales, and how they bring people together to celebrate and develop long lasting connections—something that’s at the heart of everything we do in Sky.

While we’ve had areas for people to come together and celebrate during different Seasons, events, and concerts, we’ve yet to have a space in Sky that serves as a permanent town center where players can regularly experience the warm festival feelings we’re so fond of. Season of Revival is the first step in a multi-year development plan to build just such a place. We aspire to build Aviary Village to be the ultimate Sky hangout spot for players to spend time with friends and family.

There’s a lot to come in 2024 and beyond, but over the course of the Season, players can look forward to additional opportunities to make lasting memories while trying on different outfits, being a helping hand to a number of familiar Spirits, attending fireworks shows, and more.

Aviary Village won’t be built in a day, but we promise good times and lasting memories ahead!

Season of Revival

Seasonal content can be enjoyed by all players. Players with a Season Pass ($9.99, all prices USD) have the opportunity to unlock all seasonal items and two Ultimate Gifts offered by the Season of Revival Guide (past Season Guides do not offer Ultimate Gifts). The three-pack Gift Pack bundle ($19.99) comes with two gift passes to give to friends in the game.

Passes become available for purchase when the Season starts on October 16th, 2023, and all players with a Pass receive 30 bonus Season Candles. Season of Revival continues until 23:59 December 31st, 2023.

Season of Revival begins on October 16th. Please look forward to more updates on what else is coming to Sky’s newest hangout spot in future Developer Updates. Welcome to Aviary Village!

[Edit Oct. 27] Removed outdated information about returning cosmetics during events.

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