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Birthday Messages from Us to You

July 27 2023

Sky’s birthday celebrations include music, dance floors, and of course, Dark Dragons in hats—but we also wanted to take a moment to send you all some birthday messages. So here are some notes from a few of us at the studio. Thank you for making Sky’s 4th birthday a happy one!

Four years of wandering the realms together, 4 years of connecting together, 4 years of Sky we can all share together. Thank you for everything!
- Allison, QA

Thank you for four amazing years! Looking forward to more hugs, honking, and chaos in the future.
- Amelia/Stellify, Community

Four years of shenanigans and good times. I'm looking forward to celebrating together! See you in Sky!
- April/Tethys, Community

Thank you for the fun 4 years in Sky, here's to being together for many more years to come! See you in Sky! ︎
- Christine, Operations

Has it been four years already? Time has a lot of winged light when you’re having fun, see you in the skies for another four!
- Dan, Engineering

There’s not a better community to spend 4 years flying and hjonking with. Here’s to another year of moth adoptions, krill hugs, and going wherever the butterflies decide they want to take us.
- Denise/Sagomay, Community

Happy Anniversary, and thank you for being with us! Let's fly to the new adventures together. ︎
- Elena, Production

Wow four years! Whether you've been around since the beginning or have just taken flight, thanks for making Sky so special with your presence.
- Emily, Art

Thank you for being a part of our community! I am inspired by the kindness and compassion you show each other every day. I look forward to our next adventure together!
- Faraz, Engineering

Four years…. that’s a lot in crab years! You guys should be proud to be building such a heartwarming community for this long.
- Fetchikó, QA

What an amazing 4 years to celebrate! Cheers to more fun and memories together!
- James, Player Support

From the bottom of my heart, thank you for 4 fantastic years of Sky. Getting to spend time with you all in the Sky kingdom has always been a blast, and I can't wait to see what comes next!
- Jomin, Player Support

Thank you for being here, friend. The Spirits and I are grateful to have spent so much time with you over the last four years. We look forward to even more fun on the horizon!
- Rachel, Player Support

Thank you for four years of silliness! Let's continue to have as much fun as possible!
- Robert/Whirthun, Community

Honk honkhonk honk deep honk! Honk… [Translation: To four more years of crab flipping! Wait a second…]
- Tio, Community

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