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Be Transformed in Days of Bloom 2024

March 18 2024

Sky and natural beauty go together like butterflies and the Prairie Elder, but every year we set aside an entire event as a special celebration of nature in Sky. And that means it’s time for Days of Bloom—a dazzling (and now electrifying!) three weeks that transforms Prairie Peaks and maybe even Sky children themselves.

The Bounty of Mountain Storms

From 00:00 March 25th through 23:59 April 14th (all times PDT, UTC -7), travel to Sky’s wildest lands to experience the core of this year’s event.

The flowers are about to cover Prairie Peaks, but of course, before the flowers can bloom, the rains must fall. In the first week of the event, storms roll in from the mountains, bringing refreshing rains, the first emerging buds, and of course, high-voltage electricity in the form of lightning.

But worry not! After the first week, the storm clouds clear away, and the water they brought begins to truly transform the landscape. The river swells above its banks, and through the second and third week, all kinds of new colors and life begin to flourish both above and below the water’s surface.

Starting in the second week of Days of Bloom, players can also choose to take in the scenery as jellyfish! Sit at a meditation circle near the Bloom Guide in Prairie Peaks to be transformed into one of these Light Creatures and join a flock of hundreds of fellow Sky kid-jellyfish, the perfect way to explore the area from the bottom of the river to the edge of the clouds. You can join in this special Festival Tech from the start of the second week through the end of the event.

Event Currency & Social Light

Every day there will be up to five event currency to collect. These are a little weather-sensitive though—in weeks two and three when the skies are clear, all five will be located in different spots around Prairie Peaks and from the event guide. It’s during the first week, while it’s storming, that things are a bit different.

In the first week, two flower-shaped event currency can be found in the area and from the event guide. But three will appear only when your Sky kid puts themselves in the middle of the storm—namely, gets struck by one of those bolts of lightning.

While you’re enjoying soothing or electrifying moments, be sure to swing (or swim) by the river. It will share up to a certain amount of Social Light with you every day as the water level rises and falls.

Returning Event Traditions

The newest features for Days of Bloom are in Prairie Peaks this year, but picturesque traditions from past years of the event will be back, too!

The majestic pink tree will stand in Home as its blossoms grow from bud to bloom and then fall back gently to the earth. Hidden Forest’s social area is the place to find a tree of purple flowers that emerge, thrive, and eventually fall as well. Both have their share of Social Light to give throughout the event.

And who can forget the incredible scene of Forgotten Ark’s dusty dunes coming to life in a rainbow of wildflowers and Social Light just in time to welcome migrating butterflies? And yes, like last year, if you feel inspired to join the butterflies yourself, a meditation circle transforms you and Sky children across the game servers to join the great flock…and maybe go say hi to a neighboring Dark Dragon, if you’re feeling adventurous.

(Disclaimer: The authors of this blog post cannot guarantee the safety of any Sky kid-butterfly who decides to tempt fate by trying to be friendly to the Forgotten Ark’s Dark Dragon.)

Days of Bloom Collectibles

Sometimes the best way to appreciate a bloom is to become a bloom yourself—at least, that’s what the Sky philosophers say, and who are we to argue with them? Days of Bloom will feature these new items specially designed to reflect this year’s theme:

  • Bloom Arum Petal Cape: 48 event currency

  • Bloom Spiky Sprig Hair: 24 event currency

  • Bloom Arum Petal Hair: 25 Hearts

  • Bloom Lilypad Umbrella: $14.99 (all prices USD)

If you’re hoping for a cosmetic or prop or two from previous years, they’ll be back too. To see the full list, take a look at our 0.24.5 patch notes page!

Days of Bloom items can be found from the event guide Spirit, in the event shop in Aviary Village, or in the in-game purchase menu. Don’t forget, free spells to try on both IGC (in-game currency) and IAP items are available from the Aviary Village spell shop, and from a bundle that the event guide keeps close by in Prairie Peaks.

Experiencing the Beauty of Transformation

Days of Bloom is one of the events that inspires us the most every year, both in and out of Sky. Join in to enjoy tranquil moments, see the world from a new point of view, or maybe even to live a little dangerously as a Forgotten Ark butterfly—this event unfolds with something for all players.

We can’t wait to see the flowers come into bloom, and to take to the clouds with petal-shaped capes or butterfly wings or even the tendrils of a baby jellyfish. Starting on March 25th, we’ll see you in Prairie Peaks!

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