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Announcing the Sky Creator Troupe!

July 11 2023

One of our favorite things about working on Sky is seeing what players make to share their experiences in the game—in fact, we have a Slack channel just for sharing the cool content we see in community posts. It’s an incredible feeling knowing that while we’re making things for Sky, players are out there doing the same in their own unique ways.

So today, we’re excited to roll out a new program called the Creator Troupe as an opportunity for Sky creators to come together to hone their craft, make new friends, and get fresh inspiration for their future works. 

“Creator Troupe?” you ask. “Is this a real thing and not just some way for you to find more cool Sky videos to share with your coworkers on Slack?” While we can neither confirm nor deny our plans to keep sharing cool stuff with our coworkers on Slack, this new program is definitely a real thing, themed after Season of Performance, our celebration of all things creative arts.

By joining the Creator Troupe, you’ll receive unique opportunities to make Sky content, and to challenge yourself with new adventures that will push your creativity to new heights. It offers a range of benefits to support you and your projects,too. 

For example, Troupe members receive:

  • Early information for major updates

  • A chance to join special offline events and celebrations

  • Opportunities to chat with devs

  • In-game rewards like Season Passes, Gift Passes, and Candles to boost your community

  • And more!

Please note that, at the moment, we’re specifically adding English speaking creators who focus on Sky video, livestreaming, and guide content. After the program is up and running, if we feel that we’re staffed to support other creators, we’ll revisit this stance. Until then, we’ll continue providing other opportunities through regular social media contests, as well as community initiatives such as #Skytober (which is 100% coming back for 2023!), highlighting artists on our social media channels, and even collaborations such as our recent comic series with Apriltheo for Season of Passage.

If you’re interested in joining, you can fill out the application form here!

Thank you for the incredible pieces you all create, which always brighten our days. We’ll see you in the skies—and we hope, in the Creator Troupe! 


How do I join the Creator Troupe program?
If you're interested in joining, you can submit an application here! Applicants who are invited to join will be contacted directly by staff members. Ideal candidates who want to be considered for the program should post 3 or more pieces of original Sky: Children of the Light content per month, as well as follow community guidelines and the game’s Terms of Service.

What is considered a piece of Sky: Children of the Light content?
Any Sky: Children of the Light video, stream, or edited video content, as well as relevant social media posts with original content. Ideal candidates will maintain a larger ratio of media (video/photos/streams) content vs. text-based content or Instagram stories. 

What about other types of content?
We are looking into future activations with digital artists, static guide content, and more! Please keep an eye on official channels for announcements.

What are the benefits of the Creator Troupe program?
The Creator Troupe program provides early access to information about Sky content, as well as exclusive opportunities for things such as rewards for creators and their communities, promotion from official Sky channels, and more. 

Do I have to post exclusively Sky content?
No, not at all! Creators are welcome to post content from other games. However, please note that you cannot be enrolled in a competing partner title/program for another game if you are a Creator Troupe member. 

Is this a paid opportunity?
This is an unpaid program and does not constitute employment with TGC. 

Do I have to sign any contracts?
Members are required to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) in order to protect unreleased content and other confidential information that may be shared.

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