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Announcing the Season of Flight


Distant clouds beckon, and the winds stir with the whispers of a new story unfolding in the realms. Starting on October 4th, the Season of Flight will take players through 11 weeks of quests and adventures soaring amidst the clouds. Join a band of spirits offering gifts that echo the call of the skies, and relive their memories to see what they learned together as they charted life among floating islands.

As players skim across the heavens and bring their light to a new seasonal area, a seasonal quest giver and four seasonal spirits await with capes, outfits, and accessories befitting a sky-bound traveler. An instrument and call have also been added to their Friendship Trees for Sky children to use, resonating with the harmonies passed on through these spirits’ memories.

The Season of Flight also features five seasonal quests to team up with spirits and reveal routes forward for Sky child and Light Creature alike. Gliding aloft currents of wind, players will uncover new insight into the lives of the creatures who fly beside them—and uncover a feature that carries them from an ancient crossroads to the winds woven throughout the world of Sky.

Season of Flight content can be enjoyed by all players. Players with an Adventure Pass ($9.99, all prices USD) will also have the opportunity to unlock all items from the seasonal spirit Friendship Trees as well as two Ultimate Gifts. The three-pack Adventure Pack bundle is also available for $19.99 and comes with two gift passes to give to friends within the game. All passes include 20 candles for the recipient. Passes and Packs can be preordered as well from September 21 at 00:00 PDT until October 3 at 23:59 PDT, and each come with 10 additional bonus candles for the purchaser, for a total of 30 Seasonal Candles.

From deep underground caverns of Season of Belonging to a mountain village in Season of Dreams, each season has brought new areas to discover. We’re delighted now to share our latest expansion to the game as the bright blue skies of Season of Flight invite players to explore the horizons. Beginning on October 4, take wing and join us in our next adventure waiting beyond the clouds.

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