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Announcing Days of Feast 2021!


The weather forecast for Home will soon call for snowy, icy days, which can only mean one thing: The countdown begins for the celebration of a new year! Prepare for three weeks of festivities and cozy gatherings with the return of Days of Feast, beginning at 00:00 December 20, 2021 through 23:59 January 9, 2022 (all times PST, UTC-8)!

Naturally, a proper Days of Feast requires a skating rink in Home, so Sky kids who have been waiting to perform their best figure skating moves here will have plenty of time to finesse their twirls and jumps. This year, though, the colder weather will also bring a snowstorm, transforming Home in three phases, each of which provide up to a certain amount of Social Light that can be collected each day in the area.

  • Phase 1 (Dec. 20th through 25th, all times PST): A gentle snowfall marks the first phase, and players can collect Light falling from the sky while in Home.

  • Phase 2 (Dec. 26th through 31st): A blizzard will roll in, and a cozy snow hut opens for players to come together, perhaps add their own creative decorations, share conversation with friends, or even practice instruments (and pick up some Light from the fireplace inside, too).

  • Phase 3 (Jan. 1st through 9th): The storm clears in time for New Year’s Day, and brilliant blue skies return for the rest of the event, with Light once again drifting down for players to collect.

Days of Feast includes a show to welcome 2022 as it arrives across the globe—fireworks will appear in Home at the start of every hour for five minutes, beginning at 03:00 am PST December 31st (midnight January 1st for Tonga, the earliest new year), and they end at 04:00 am January 1, 2022 (midnight January 1st for Howland Island, the latest new year).

Players may recognize a familiar figure who’s returning for the occasion, too—the Season Guide spirit from 2019’s Season of Belonging. This grandmotherly spirit arrives in Home as the Days of Feast guide, and in addition to saving a place for you in the snow hut, the Spirit will also offer an assortment of items in their Friendship Tree to suit Sky kids’ different tastes. A hat and scarf can be unlocked, for those who prefer to bundle up their avatar to reflect the chilly weather. Sky kids who are focused on getting creative with their Shared Spaces designs may find ways to have fun with the new pillow prop, and meanwhile Sky musicians may find that the Days of Feast music sheet may become a beautiful spark of connection when playing it with others.

Items available from the event guide are:

  • Ode to Joy music sheet: 10 Candles

  • Winter Feast Pillow: 10 Candles

  • Winter Feast Scarf: 50 Candles

  • Winter Feast Hat: 20 Hearts

  • Ball: 2 for 5 Candles from the Sleepy Traveling Merchant boat (or, 5 for 2 Candles in the Secret Level)

Several new items are also arriving for purchase in the in-game shop for this year’s event. A snow globe prop brings a touch of winter for nearby players to enjoy, or for players who prefer a smaller Days of Feast souvenir, a snowflake-shaped hairpin adds a bit of sparkle to a Sky kid’s hairstyle. The Winter Ancestor cape is a third option, with a design that hearkens back to familiar comforts as we prepare to set off together into the adventures of a new year.

  • Snowflake Hair Accessory: $1.99 (all prices USD)

  • Winter Ancestor Cape: $9.99

  • Winter Feast Snow Globe: $9.99

Stop by the Sleepy Traveling Merchant’s boat for trial spells to try these items out for free! Click on the previews in the gallery below to see the full image.

Home isn’t the only place to enjoy Days of Feast, of course—the Secret Level accessible from Vault opens its doors again too! We unpacked all the decorations from last year and added a few more extras on top of that. All the extra space called for a larger skating rink for players to build up extra speed, or perhaps create a Sky version of their favorite winter games.

Several event Spirits await in the Secret Level to cheer on Sky kids’ antics. Two Spirits will bring back Days of Feast items from past years, for those seeking to add something from a previous year’s lineup to their closet. Browse through their Friendship Trees to see what they have, or head over to a cheerful snowman waiting nearby with free spells to try them on. You can preview some of these items in our Days of Feast blog post from last year!

  • Feast Cape (65 Candles), Necktie (15 Hearts), Feast Table (150 Candles)

  • Feast Hat, aka Days of Feast Pack ($6.99, includes 25 Candles), Days of Feast Horns ($14.99), Snowflake Cape ($14.99)

It’s been a full and busy year in Sky, with stories that took us through the dreams of a young performer, rebuilding a lost treehouse, the connections of friendship shared by the Prince, and the soaring heights of pathways through the clouds. We hope that Days of Feast will be a chance for all Sky kids to gather and celebrate the adventures we’ve had and the friends we’ve met along the way. See you in the skies!

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