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An Update to Gifting


Years ago, when we as a studio began discussions on how Sky’s in-app purchases should work, we came to a couple of conclusions. The first was that we wanted purchases made in-game to feel good. We wanted them to feel less transactional, and more as if they were part of the broader Sky experience. That’s something we’re still working on, but shades of where we’re going can be seen in this year’s Days of Mischief celebration. We’re excited to share more in the future!

The second conclusion was that we wanted to create opportunities for purchases to be about kindness and doing for others. While we all enjoy receiving gifts, many of us also feel a strong sense of satisfaction in giving them and making someone else’s day. Every season, we see numerous players purchase Adventure Packs so they can share extra Adventure Passes with friends, family, and sometimes even complete strangers they meet while out in the world. We want to stress that while this is just one means of celebrating other players in Sky, it always warms our hearts to see.

We’ve long heard requests from players to expand on the gifting system to include more than Adventure Passes, and we’re excited to announce that we’ll be realizing those requests in our next update. With 0.15.5, players will be able to gift friends in-app purchase cosmetic items, as well as candle packs, once they have been friends with the recipient for at least three days.

Take a look at the FAQ below to learn more about how expanded gifting works.


Do I have to accept gifts from other players?

You do not. This system is entirely opt-in, and a confirmation menu will display that allows you to accept or decline a gifted IAP when it is offered (the same way you can decline Heart Gifts).

If I decline a gift, will my friend be charged?

They will not.

How do I gift someone else an IAP?

Gift IAPs can only be purchased for another player directly from their friendship menu after you’ve been friends with them for at least three days. To gift an IAP, stand next to your friend in-game, open their friendship menu, and scroll up to the second friendship tier (this tier requires one Ascended Candle to unlock). IAP gifting is a new node next to the fist bump interaction. Select this node to view available IAP that can be purchased for this player, then select the item you want to gift. A confirmation menu will ask you to verify whether you wish to buy this item for someone; if your friend accepts the offer and you confirm the purchase in the menu, you will see the same purchase screen that is shown when buying something for yourself. This can be considered a direct purchase on behalf of your friend; unlike Adventure Pack gift passes, for example, you cannot buy IAPs in the shop and “save them up” in advance to give to friends later.

Can all IAP be gifted? Can I gift IAP to someone playing on a different platform than I am?

Yes, all IAP can be gifted while they are available for purchase in the in-game shop or other menus. IAP gifting can also be done across platforms, with an exception:

  • Players on iOS and Android cannot gift IAP candle packs or bundles that include candles to players on a Switch (however, players on Switch can gift those items to players on iOS and Android)

For more information on how purchased candles work on different platforms, please refer to this FAQ page.

Will I be able to gift IAP that appear in Spirit Shops?

Yes! These IAP can be gifted through the same node in another player’s friendship menu mentioned earlier.

Can I gift items or spells that cost candles or hearts?

You cannot gift items that are unlocked with in-game currency.

After adding a friend, can I immediately send them a gift?

No, you will need to be friends with someone for at least three days before you’re able to gift them an IAP item.

Will this update affect Adventure Pass gifting?

It will not. We like where Adventure Pass gifting is for the moment and have no current plans to change how it works.

We’re excited to release this expanded version of gifting, but want to stress that it’s a work in progress. We encourage you to share any feedback you may have on our official social media channels and community hubs like Discord, and keep a watch for more information about other cool things coming soon in our 0.15.5 update!

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