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An Invitation to a Party Full of Mischief


Sky is filled with moments flying with friends, playing music together, or teaming up to overcome obstacles. But there also comes a time to share surprises and shenanigans—and that time is this month. For three weeks Days of Mischief will return, filled with tricks, pranks, and potions to fuel Sky kids’ favorite antics. The party starts on October 18 at 00:00 (Pacific Daylight Time, UTC-7) and goes until November 7 at 23:59 (Pacific Standard Time, UTC-8—please note that if your region does not participate in this time change, this will be one hour later than the usual time events end and the game servers reset)

During this event, a secret passageway in Vault of Knowledge leads to the entrance of a secret level for a party everyone is invited to. Behind those doors awaits a portal to an area created especially for this occasion: A cave beckons all Sky children to explore its dark, dusty corridors, meet (and perhaps boogie with) several event Spirits, and gather to share chilling stories of close encounters with Dark Dragons. A steaming cauldron in the center of the cave bubbles over with a certain amount of Light to collect each day—not to mention, it brews a mixture of spells that temporarily transform Sky kids with disguises especially suited for the event!

As with any party, the more the merrier! There’s no wrong way to show up: Come as you are and use the cauldron’s spells to get into a festive mood, dress as your favorite Elder spirit, design a jellyfish ensemble, create your best Dark Crab costume, or don a combination to bring out your inner Dark Dragon. You could even cosplay as your favorite character from another story, or simply dust off the items you never wear and show up as your Sky kid alter ego!

For Sky kids who wish to add some mischief to their closets and inventories, we have a range of items to enjoy the spirit of the event. We have new spells for magicians, including two for having fun with friend and Dark Creature alike:

  • Crab Rock Trick: 5 Candles

  • Dark Dragon Repellent Spell: 3 Ascended Candles

  • Witch Hat Accessory Spell: 2 Candles—note that this hat can be worn with any hair style!

The cost of creature spells is reduced for those who venture to get it from a denizen of the Days of Mischief area: 1 Ascended Candle for the Dark Dragon Repellent Spell and free for the Crab Rock Trick.

An assortment of new cosmetics allow Sky kids to choose the ones that fit their preferred aesthetic. Whether the style you stick with is dark and mysterious, or colorful and debonair—or something else entirely—you may find an item or two that fit your go-to fashion.

The items shown above can be obtained using in-game currency: The Mischief Withered Cape (99 Candles) evokes a lone haunted tree, while the Mischief Witch Hair (66 Candles) adds a touch of mayhem to an outfit. Players who opt for the Mischief Spooky Dining Set (33 Hearts) may find it well suited to tell scary stories from Golden Wasteland’s Graveyard. An event spirit will be waiting to meet the Sky kids who choose to unlock these from their Friendship Tree.

Several items are also available for purchase in the in-game shop, with a variety of styles for a Sky kid to choose the one that matches their own preferences. Dress up as a witch, put a splash of autumn in your hairstyle, express your inner arachnid, or add a pumpkin prop for a mischievous glow in a Shared Space.

  • Mischief Witch Jumper: $9.99 (all prices USD)

  • Mischief Withered Antlers: $9.99

  • Mischief Spider Quiff: $4.99

  • Mischief Pumpkin Prop: $1.99

We also know that some folks have been hoping that items from previous years will return, too. For those who have more of an eye on those “classic” capes and hats, the Mischief cosmetics released in 2019 and 2020 will also be available—you can preview them in an earlier blog post here! These will not be listed in the in-game shop; instead they’re accessible by speaking with two other event Spirits who wait off the beaten path from the main event space.

  • Spooky Bat Cape: $17.99 (includes 12 candles)

  • Hungry Pumpkin Hat: $11.99 (includes 8 candles)

    • The Spooky Bat Cape and Hungry Pumpkin Hat can also be purchased as a bundle in the Mischief Catch Up Pack: $29.99 (includes 20 candles)

  • Mischief Web Cape: $14.99

  • Mischief Witch Hat: $9.99 (Unlike the Witch Hat Accessory Spell, this item is categorized as a hair style, so it cannot be combined with other hairstyles)

Spells for players to try on all IAP cosmetics for free can be found by speaking to one of the Mischief Spirits!

Days of Mischief Events

The party goes beyond game, with a number of activities across the community to enjoy the spirit (and Spirits) of the event:

  • Tune in to a new livestream to start the celebration (Oct. 18). Join us on Twitch at 4pm PDT (UTC-7) as we take viewers on a tour of the Days of Mischief area.

  • Share your inner photographer during our #SkyDaysofMischief screenshot challenge (Oct. 18-20). Take your camera to take your best pics of the new event area or enjoying the event items. Stay tuned to our blog for more details later this week!

  • Add your own artistic touch with a themed coloring sheet that will be posted on our social media channels (Oct. 19). Share them on Discord, Twitter, or Instagram, or print them off and use them to bring a colorful bit of Sky into the world around you.

  • Get creative during our Spooky Carving Challenge and show us your best jack o’ lanterns carved with your favorite Days of Mischief or Sky designs (Oct. 25-29)! We’ll share more details on this contest later this week as well!

Be sure to check our social media channels for more information as these dates approach. We’re excited to get the festivities started, and our team hopes that Days of Mischief will be an opportunity for players to share in the fun of a party together, no matter where they may be!

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