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A Return to Hidden Forest with Season of Assembly!


As we move into springtime, we’re excited to deliver a new nature-inspired adventure season for Sky. Set in the rainy realm of Hidden Forest, ‘Season of Assembly’ looks to bring to life the nostalgia of friendship and imaginative play from our childhood era. We hope fans enjoy this special tale of old friendship, warm nostalgia, and the limitless joys of discovery.


Be prepared to pledge allegiance as a Scout - to honor the skies and these friendships of a lifetime! For this Season, players will meet a lone Scout Season Guide who needs to rebuild an abandoned treehouse alongside the lost kinships from scouthoods past. Along the way, you will visit the dwellings of the other Scouts to gather items to improve the main space.

  • Help the lone Scout Season Guide redesign and rebuild the treehouse to its former glory, and in turn invite Scout friends to come together and reunite.

  • Meet the 6 Scouts (who are descendants of the Hidden Forest ancestors) and follow their past stories and experiences together.

  • Take a tour to the other Scouts’ basecamps and complete up to 6 fetch quests in our NEW “Scavenger Hunt” gameplay system. Receive cool furniture items to use or decorate with.

  • Unlock 6 new expressions (‘March’, ‘Eww’, ‘Chuckle’, ‘Bubble Blower’, ‘ Facepalm’ and ‘Scold’). Receive a staggering set of new cosmetics and items including: 7 new masks, 2 new capes, 6 new hairstyles, 9 new props, 1 new pants, 1 new musical instrument, 2 new music sheets, and a season pendant).

  • Unlock 9 collectible objects to use including: Bookshelf, Tent, Hammock, Torch, Spotlight, Hoop, Brazier, Pillow and Jar.

  • Look out for ‘Days of Nature’ coming to Sky in time for Earth Day, Thursday April 22nd!

  • Sky Merchandise: Fans can now purchase a Sky themed umbrella or TGC pin. The next wave of new merchandise is currently in development, with more information to be shared in the coming weeks. Head to www.thatskyshop.com and stay tuned for more.

Sky is free-to-start and is currently available on the App Store (http://bit.ly/PlaySkyiOS) and Google Play (http://bit.ly/SkyforAndroid). Sky will launch on Nintendo Switch this spring, with other multi-format releases at a later date.

All features of 'Season of Assembly’ can be activated by purchasing the Adventure Season Pass at $9.99USD, and for gifting with the three-pack bundle at $19.99USD within the Sky app.

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