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A Note on Update Schedules


If you’ve played Sky for a while on your mobile device, you may have noticed that recently the time between patch updates is a little longer than it used to be. We'd like to take a moment to provide some insight on this.

We’ve been thrilled to welcome Nintendo Switch players into the community and make Sky more accessible to folks who may not have been able to play on a phone or tablet. An important part of bringing Sky to Switch includes working with Nintendo so that each update matches the process and requirements they need to follow as well. This means it will take some extra time to publish an update compared to before the Switch launch, but this way we can ensure that all platforms get the same features and are on the same release schedule—about every month and a half now.

Why Not Update Mobile and Switch Separately?

Devices have to be running the same version of Sky in order to make crossplay possible. For example, the first day after an update, you may have experienced that you can’t join a friend in Sky if one of you has downloaded the update and the other hasn’t. If mobile and Switch were on different update schedules, it would essentially mean Switch friends could never join their Android or iOS friends. In a game about making connections and coming together, we don’t think splitting up the Sky family is the way to go!

What Can Players Expect?

It may seem like the longer period between updates is quiet, but our team is still going at the same diligent pace to keep improving the game. An additional two weeks means that each patch will be larger than before, with more bug fixes and content to add to the game with every update. In the meantime, if an urgent issue does come up, we’ll still deploy hotfixes to address them as soon as we find a solution—that won’t change either!

Your feedback will continue to be central as Sky grows and evolves. It’s been our starting point for new features, charitable events, areas in the game, and (of course) platforms to play Sky on. However, we also hear your feedback about tending to other aspects of Sky. With this in mind, our focus for the rest of the year will adjust to put more emphasis on improving player quality of life and address longstanding bugs to build on what we’ve made up to this point.

Our Community team has been busy collecting feedback from every global platform, and we’ve used these reports to identify the issues we want to correct. We’ll be working hard to include these improvements in our 0.15.0 update and beyond to enhance the time players spend in-game and improve the overall experience.

We appreciate that so many of you regularly take the time to provide us with both praise and criticism, and we’ll continue to hear the messages you send as we move forward together. So don’t hesitate to send in those reports and feedback even if it’s been a few weeks since the previous update. Thank you as always, and we look forward to seeing you in the Skies!

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