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A Gathering Place for the Heart of Sky: Project Aviary


At every stage of our work on Sky, our team is always discussing ideas for the game—what emotions we want it to foster, the kind of world it builds, how to make opportunities for meaningful memories. At the core of it all, the pillars that guide us are humanity, wonder, and community. Later this year, we’ll be sharing a big update that’s based on those pillars to bring a new dimension to the Sky experience.

This is still in early development and isn’t in beta yet—we’re calling it Project Aviary for now (a name we thought players familiar with Sky’s earliest days might recognize!). You can see some of the work so far on it in this video:

Project Aviary

This new space is envisioned as an area for Sky kids to come together for all the different things they might enjoy: making friends, meeting players and Spirits, joining events, putting on shows, watching performances, finding items for their closets or Shared Spaces, or simply relaxing and recharging.

Project Aviary is part of a larger endeavor that we’re working on to bring the feeling of an ongoing festival to Sky, where everyone can create and spend meaningful time with friends. You’ve already seen some initial aspects of this in the game so far, or will see them soon. For example, there’s the Skyball set that allows you to start a spontaneous mini-game with anyone you meet, and a prop coming with our next update will make it possible to share a game of footbag with other players. The team is also updating musical instruments to make them more approachable for any skill level, and to open up the possibility for creating and enjoying mini-performances with each other.

Another aspect of Project Aviary is Festival Tech, first introduced for the Season of AURORA concert. This feature allows large groups of players to gather beyond the usual limit of eight people per session, so that dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of people can share the same experience together. Over the last few months you’ve seen us continue to develop it, adding ways it can be used to interact with the game, the story, and other players.

As we keep working on this feature and make it more flexible beyond a coliseum built for thousands of people, Festival Tech can open doors to an even wider range of ways to experience Sky, whether playing through the levels, spending time with friends, and anything in between. You’ve seen the start of that work so far in Days of Bloom and the Season of Passage quests, and we’re excited to reveal more in future updates as well.

We see this feature as an unprecedented tool for building and deepening connections across the community, and it will be part of what makes Project Aviary unique to play and be in. We recently posted a conversation going into more detail about Festival Tech—you can watch it on YouTube here.

Project Aviary won’t be just for players who know the ins and outs of the game, either. A notable element of Project Aviary will be making Sky easier to delve into for new players, many of whom are family or friends of current players and want to jump right in and share in the experiences they’ve been hearing about. Using this area as a starting point, we’re hoping to make the welcome into the game smoother and simpler, especially for players who may not play video games very frequently, so that everyone can take in what Sky has to offer.

Discovering New Experiences Together

Humanity, wonder, and community remain at the heart of Sky, and to keep these pillars strong we are constantly exploring and experimenting with new ways to bring them alive through the game. If you’ve played Sky for any length of time, you’ve seen that Sky’s world is always evolving. The very process of searching for possibilities and trying new things allow us to weave life into this world together, player and developer alike, and Project Aviary is the next facet of this ongoing exploration.

The earliest stages of this latest experiment are done, and now the next stage approaches. Later this year, Project Aviary will arrive in the beta version of the game to undergo a key part of its development: rounds of testing and feedback with beta testers to prepare it for the live version of the game.

We’ll have more to share in future updates—stay tuned for more information on our website and our social channels! Whether you’re a long-time member of the Sky community, or a recent arrival to these realms, we’re excited to have you with us as we continue to experiment and find the new stories and experiences that await. We can’t wait to see you in the skies!

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