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A Birthday Letter from Jenova Chen


Hello fellow Children of the Light,

I’m Jenova Chen, Sky’s Creative Director.

When we first started developing Sky, we hoped to create a game that would connect people through kindness. We strived to inspire a sense of awe that breaks down barriers between one other. We aimed to create a game that hard core gamers and casual players could play together, that exceeded the boundaries of gender or generations.

We wanted to show how games can be a medium that creates meaningful additions to our lives.

Committing to such ideals was not the difficult part, but building them into a game was. When the game launched, we couldn’t know for sure how many players would join us in helping to bring these goals to life. Sky’s development took many years and continues even after its launch, and we’re proud that we’ve accomplished many of those goals that we began with.

But without your support for the past three years, Sky would not have been able to grow. A game that began on iOS now includes Android and Switch, and, we hope, more platforms in the future. Seasons reveal new stories, and new features have transformed the game to give it depth, while still allowing players at different experience levels to connect and explore together.

Two Sky children flying together and third flying nearby through Daylight Prairie Village

Thank you for being part of Sky! Because of the community, we also have been able to grow as a studio, with a team as passionate as players are. We’ve gathered from around the world, just as Sky children have, with the same hope: to bring delight to this wholesome and inspiring community. You inspire us with your artwork, your stories, and your messages. Your kindness reaches beyond Sky to make a real difference in the world we share outside of the game, in a way we could only have imagined in the earliest days of development—and now there are so many, we have a new website, thatskystory.com, to record them.

As three years turn to four, we’re excited to keep taking players to new places in Sky. We aren’t slowing down for the second half of 2022, and we’re looking forward to sharing some big surprises with you later this year. We hope you’ll enjoy them all! Thank you for being a part of Sky, and we look forward to bringing you more in the years to come.

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